Raven-Symone Gets Real About How She Lost 40 Pounds

Since starting her career as a child actor on "The Cosby Show," the public has followed Raven-Symoné's journey to becoming a household name. Whether it's for her role in "That's So Raven" or in the "Cheetah Girls" movies, Raven has certainly made her mark on the world of pop culture. Most recently, she has been open to discussing her weight loss journey.

During an episode of TV One's "Uncensored" in 2021, Raven talked about the time she was made to feel her weight was a problem when working on "Hanging With Mr. Cooper" at the tender age of seven. "At a younger age, when the conversation of weight started to come into my head, I heard it, I didn't understand it, did what I was told, but then behind the scenes ate," she explained. "Because looking back, that was the only thing I could control. That was the only thing I had for myself. My clothes were picked, my words I was saying out of my mouth were someone else's or practiced multiple times." Raven insisted Hollywood is very controlling and realized there was nothing wrong with the way she was. "I look back and I'm like, I wasn't even fat," Raven added.

In May 2021, Raven decided to go on Instagram Live with her wife, Miranda Pearman-Maday, and announced she had lost 28 pounds. Since then, Raven has continued to lose weight and revealed how she's managed to do so during an appearance on "The View."

Raven-Symone's wife has played a big part in her weight loss journey

Back in 2015, Raven-Symoné joined "The View" as a permanent co-host and remained on the show until 2016. On March 30, she returned as a guest with her wife, Miranda Pearman-Maday, and revealed that Pearman-Maday is one of the main reasons for her recent weight loss. "I want to be here for her as long as I can. I found out some numbers at the doctor that were not pleasant for someone in my age bracket or any age bracket, to be honest with you," the actor explained.

Raven insisted Pearman-Maday's "help, and guidance, and love, and fantastic cooking skills" have helped her along the way, but stated taking sugar out of her diet has played a big part in losing weight. Raven joked that she used to have fish filet "with an extra packet of ketchup" on Fridays. When comedian Joy Behar asked whether she eats carbs or cookies, Raven stated she does eat cookies that are keto-friendly. "I actually talk to someone here at 'The View' every day about fasting because I'm also an intermittent faster and an extended faster as well," she continued. Raven said when she left "The View" in 2016, she weighed was 210 pounds. Now, she is 170 pounds, losing 40 pounds in total.

Over the past year, Raven has continued to document the numerous ways she's lost weight. In June 2021, Raven admitted in an Instagram video that she and exercise "don't get along," so instead she goes on long "quick walks."