The Tragic Death Of TikTok Star Francesco LoPresti

The TikTok community grieves for the loss of one of its star players. Francesco LoPresti died on March 21, seven years after being diagnosed with testicular cancer. The young man, who had more than 740,000 followers on his channel, was only 24 years old.

His longtime girlfriend Kaitlin Reagan, who is an even bigger TikTok star with over 3 million followers, announced his death on the social media platform on March 30, explaining, "it was really hard to make this video," noting it took some time to process. "It's been a week since he hasn't been here," she said in the video. "But you guys deserve to know he loved you guys so much, and he loved everything that you guys did for him and just watching our videos and standing with us. And I thank you for that."

Francesco was diagnosed with stage 3B testicular cancer when he was only 17, Kaitlin explains on the couple's website, stating that the content creator's cancer had "metastasized into multiple tumors surrounding his lymph nodes, neck, liver, spinal cord, and right hip." She said he went through many surgeries and treatments, including radiation and chemotherapy. When Francesco lost his hair due to the chemo, he started wearing knit beanies, which Kaitlin also wore in solidarity. The two eventually began selling beanies with inspiring messages on their website to inspire togetherness, adding, "That is what these beanies represent, unity and strength."

In light of Francesco's death, many fans are looking back at his legacy, including his beautiful relationship with Kaitlin.

Francesco and Kaitlin were childhood sweethearts

Francesco LoPresti and Kaitlin Reagan were childhood sweethearts, and made many TikTok videos together documenting their relationship as well as his cancer experience. Kaitlin developed a crush on Francesco when she was 12 years old, having passed each other at the dance studio where he studied breakdancing and she took ballet classes, according to their website. They began dating in 2013 when they were both 15, and had been together since. "No matter how hard it gets, you will always find your way back to each other," Kaitlin wrote to Francesco on their website.

Sadly, Kaitlin posted on March 11 that Francesco's cancer was progressing quickly, and she appeared a few days later in a post with his parents, asking viewers for their prayers while he was in hospice, according to People. On the March 30 video announcing his death, she said, "I'm really sorry, because my goal was for you guys to watch him ring the [remission] bell, but the cancer took his life."

Following the tragic news, countless comments popped up on social media celebrating his life. "I was praying that this video would never come," one fan wrote under the announcement, per the New York Post. Another said, "We won't forget him. We love you both, and our hearts are grieving with you. Francesco will always be by your side."