Married To Real Estate Season 2 - Here's What We Can Tell Fans So Far

Will HGTV say "I Do" to the second season of "Married to Real Estate," or will fans be left at the altar with only one season? That's what people are wondering as the first season of the hit series just wrapped up, meaning an announcement for Season 2 should be coming soon.

"Married to Real Estate" follows real-estate moguls husband and wife Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson. Using their knowledge, Egypt and Mike help families buy houses in their dream neighborhoods in Georgia, per Deadline. But that doesn't mean Egypt and Mike make these families break the bank! Instead, by using financially smart purchases and renovations, this real-estate power couple helps families' dreams come true — all while balancing their own family drama.

While the show details the intricacies of homeownership, Egypt and Mike wanted to use "Married to Real Estate" as a way to not only uplift their clients, but uplift Black families watching at home, per Yahoo. And their mission to do that was certainly successful. Because with the mix of inspiration, renovation and all-too-real honesty, Egypt and Mike sold themselves to fans with Season 1, leaving everyone wondering what's in store for Season 2.

When could Married To Real Estate Season 2 come out?

Did HGTV get cold feet following the series premiere of "Married To Real Estate"? At the moment, there is no news on a release date for Season 2. Not only that, but HGTV has yet to announce if the show has been even renewed or canceled, leaving fans in the ultimate limbo for one of their favorite home renovation couples.

While there is no official news on "Married To Real Estate," there could be a few reasons as to why. Premiering in January 2022, Season 1 wrapped up in March 2022. Given it was the first season of the series, there were only eight episodes — though each was one hour long, per HGTV. If the timeline stayed the same for Season 2, that would mean Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson would begin filming soon to hit another season premiere in January 2023.

But that doesn't take into account the clients Egypt and Mike are helping find their dream homes and their own schedules, per The Cinemaholic. With "Married To Real Estate," there is more up in the air, which is possibly why there hasn't been any news on the new season as the timeline gets finished. Or maybe Egypt, Mike, and HGTV are currently filming and are too busy to make an announcement — which is what we are all hoping!

Who will be in Married To Real Estate Season 2?

It's definitely a given that if "Married To Real Estate" Season 2 happens, fans will only get more of Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson — which by the looks of, fans were loving throughout Season 1.

While "Married To Real Estate" centers on finding clients their dream home, Egypt and Mike brought their own family — and drama — into the mix, which became a selling point for the show. "Exactly what people see on television, that's us around our house, with our friends, with our family, with our kids," Egypt shared with HGTV. "I think our audience sees themselves," Mike added, "It's not just two hosts. You get to see the family; you get to see the mothers; you get to see real-life crises; you get to see the drama within the construction. And viewers can relate."

And that is exactly what fans loved the most. Under many of Egypt and Mike's Instagram photos, many fans write saying their family dynamic is part of the reason they watch. "Love your positive family," one fan wrote. Another added, "Thank you for portraying a healthy, functional, Black married relationship." Knowing that was one of Egypt and Mike's goals for Season 1, it seems if there is a Season 2, fans will get more of what they're asking for — family.

What could Season 2 of Married To Real Estate cover?

Egypt Sherrod and Mike Johnson didn't leave fans hanging on anything in Season 1. Whether it was the beautiful home renovations, the Georgia landscape, or family drama, Egypt and Mike laid it all out on the table — but not enough, because now we're waiting for more in a potential Season 2.

While the premise of "Married To Real Estate" would likely stay the same, as Egypt and Mike meet with different clients in each episode, what Season 2 could ultimately cover is limitless. During Season 1, Egypt and Mike were challenged to find and renovate homes on tight budgets, in competitive Atlanta markets, and battle unseen obstacles regarding the homes and their clients, per HGTV. Season 2 would likely follow that same theme, just with new couples, markets, and challenges.

Now, as Egypt and Mike keep working on homes and their business — as they have documented on social media — fans are hoping the cameras are behind them. Something Egypt and Mike are manifesting as well. "That's what you'll see in season two – how we actually combine our business and grow into a mega one-stop-shop: real estate, renovation and design house. We're speaking it into existence," Egypt said, per HGTV, as they await an official go-ahead for the next season. And fans are certainly hoping HGTV will be as "sold" on "Married To Real Estate" as they are.