What Doja Cat Said That Made It Past The Grammys' Censors

Will Smith striding on stage and slapping Chris Rock across the face at the Oscars may have hogged recent headlines, but it certainly wasn't the only controversial or scandalous incident from all of 2022's awards shows. The Grammys followed hot on the heels of the Oscars, and that definitely had its OMG moments too. "If it goes wrong, everyone will talk about it, and if it goes really well, people will be like, 'Oh yeah, good job.' And that's it," Grammys exec producer Ben Winston said ahead of the show, per Pitchfork.

However, that doesn't mean the Grammys team is just laissez-faire about what makes it onto the TV screens. According to CNN, the awards show organizers started using an "enhanced tape delay" system back in 2004 in an attempt to prevent any off-color incidents from being broadcast during the live show — likely a direct result effects of Janet Jackson's infamous Super Bowl exposure scandal the same year.

However, no matter how enhanced the system is, it still doesn't manage to catch everything. As The Daily Mirror notes, there were still plenty of controversial moments that made it on air, including a slip-up Justin Bieber's potty mouth performance. The Biebs performed his latest track, "Peaches," which includes two curse words in its lyrics, both of which managed to make it onto the live broadcast. What Doja Cat said during her acceptance speech made it past the Grammys' censors, too.

Doja Cat cusses during her acceptance speech

Doja Cat only just managed to make it on stage in time to accept her Grammy award for best pop duo/group performance. Hilariously, the singer had been forced to make a quick bathroom stop right at the wrong moment. Doja being Doja, she was eager to share the reason for her breathless and rushed onstage appearance. However, the singer didn't word it quite so formally or politely. "I've never taken such a fast p*** in my whole life," she announced to the audience, as well as to millions of people worldwide, as the expletive managed to slip past the Grammys' censors, per the Daily Mail.

Doja certainly isn't a lady who's backward about coming forward. The musician is right up there with Cardi B and Nicki Minaj regarding TMI outbursts. Doja's also a repeat controversial tweet offender. According to Billboard, Doja was forced to apologize after she had been slammed for using a gay slur in a 2018 tweet that's since been deleted. Refinery 21 reports that she's also known for sharing her questionable opinions and words in online forums. In 2020, Doja became the target of fan scrutiny following a racist comment she'd written. For better or for worse, Doja Cat always seems to be unfiltered.