Details About Kourtney Kardashian And Travis Barker's Vegas Wedding Have Come To Light

Just hours after Travis Barker's live performance at the 64th Grammy Awards, he and Kourtney Kardashian tied the knot in Las Vegas. According to TMZ, Kravis exchanged vows in the wee hours of April 4 in an über-secret ceremony at Vegas' One Love Wedding Chapel. And, of course, the wedding had an Elvis Presley impersonator as an officiant. The two, who got engaged in October 2021 after a nine-month courtship, reportedly brought along their own private photographer and did not allow the venue to snap pics. 

While Kravis fans are celebrating, plenty responded to the news with the usual brand of cynicism reserved on social media for the Kardashians. As one Twitter user put it, "OMG!! Some people will go to extremes for a storyline, and just a little over a week before the premiere of their new series on Hulu." Even one happy fan suspected the ceremony was to cover up Kourtney's secret pregnancy, alleging on Twitter, "She is happy having babies! I bet its a roooose! The big wedding celebration is yet to come. It will be her 1st after all! BUT @kourtneykardash doesn't follow rules. She plays by her OWN rules! Good 4 her!" 

Although it was initially reported by TMZ that Kravis had a marriage license on hand, it appears new information has changed what we know about their union.

Kravis skimped on the paperwork before their wedding

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are not legally married ... or are they? Apparently, the couple had never even applied for a marriage license when they got hitched at Las Vegas' One Love Wedding Chapel, Page Six reported. "They had a ceremony, but on paper it's not legal yet," an insider told the outlet. So why the ceremony at all? 

According to TMZ, the couple was eager to tie the knot but hadn't finished working out their prenup by the time of their post-Grammys wedding. As sources told the outlet, the couple now plans to enact a "postnup." Couples get post-nuptial agreements for a variety of reasons (such as safeguarding one's inheritance), per Investopedia, but in Kravis' case, it would primarily serve to protect their separate earnings during the course of their marriage. Given that Kourtney and Travis are worth $65 million and $50 million respectively, a postnup would sure save both a lot of grief and money in the worst-case scenario (e.g. divorce).