Ireland Baldwin Has Harsh Words For People Who Criticize Her Father

As the daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, Ireland Baldwin has lived her whole life in the spotlight and been open about the struggles that come with being famous. In February, she took to Instagram to encourage people to stay true to themselves and not let critics dictate their lives. "Maybe you don't experience this on the scale that I do, but the majority of us have been called names and have had assumptions made about us," she wrote, adding that she rarely reads articles about herself because the media is "one giant garbage dump." Ireland went on to say she's proud of who she has become and won't let critics get her down anymore.

Although Ireland has sworn off reading articles about herself, it doesn't mean that she isn't bothered by people offering their unsolicited comments about her father, especially in the wake of Alec's "Rust" investigation and impending fatherhood. Seeing this, Ireland has taken to Instagram again to clap back at people who criticize her father and made it clear that she's not his spokesperson.

Ireland Baldwin thinks people have an unhealthy obsession with her father

Ireland Baldwin wants people to know she's her own person and that she is not responsible for addressing criticism regarding her father, Alec Baldwin. "I get countless messages from people who are kind of alarmingly obsessed with my father and his family," the model wrote in an Instagram post on April 6. "I think a lot of people assume my take on this, well here it is for free—it's none of my business."

Ireland said that the messages — which ranged from people criticizing her appearance, to claims of nepotism, to her relationship with her father— caused her to reach a "boiling point." She said that her life is far removed from her father's and she doesn't "care" about his life with wife Hilaria Baldwin and her step-siblings. "My life is here in Oregon with my boyfriend, 6 dogs, and my new business. I smoke weed, I eat good food, and I mind MY own business," she added.

Ireland's Instagram post comes days after her stepmother, Hilaria, announced she was pregnant with Alec's seventh child in late March. "One of the most beautiful things my children have experienced with a big family is how the heart can grow with every new sibling," Hilaria and Alec told People in an exclusive statement announcing the pregnancy. "Our capacity to love continues to expand and we can't wait to embrace our new little one this fall!"