Simon Cowell Reveals Why He's Planning His Wedding By Himself

While Simon Cowell and his fiancée Lauren Silverman have certainly had their ups and downs over the years, they've made their relationship work. Together, they share a son named Eric and in August 2020, had to face one challenge after another after Cowell's surgery recovery took a turn for the worse

The former "American Idol" judge fell off his electric bike and broke his back in numerous different places. The accident almost left him paralyzed, but a five-hour emergency surgery saw a number of fusions and a metal rod put in his back, per People. Despite everything that had happened, Silverman stuck by his side and in January 2022, Cowell proposed to his future wife. "I think after everything all of us had gone through over the past two years, it has changed our lives in so many ways," he told ET on February 17. "Family is everything and that is what I kind of took away from it."

And now that the two of them are getting married, you'd think that all of the wedding planning would be a cumbersome affair. But it's actually been the opposite as Cowell recently revealed why he's planning the wedding all by himself. Not only that, but he's also got a huge surprise for his bride-to-be, too.

Simon Cowell has something up his sleeve before for his bride

Simon Cowell recently opened up to People and explained why he's not using a wedding planner for his upcoming nuptials with Lauren Silverman. Explaining that he doesn't want the wedding to go "out of control," Cowell is taking matters into his own hands. He said, "I don't want to have one of these ghastly wedding planners and all the arguments that happen, and who you do invite and who you don't invite. The whole thing just seems like too much hassle." In addition, Cowell said that he hasn't revealed his master wedding plan to anyone, even Silverman.

Cowell wanting to be his own wedding planner shouldn't really surprise anyone as back in 2014, he told the Financial Times that he's someone who likes to pay attention to the smallest details in life. "Even when I'm on a show, I know what's going on, and if it's going wrong what we have to do to try to fix it. I'm minutely involved in every part, literally down to the color of the floor. I can spot a lightbulb out at 100 metres," he said. In other words, it sounds like Cowell might be in luck if he ever chooses to switch careers.