Simon Cowell's Surgery Recovery Just Took A Turn For The Worse

Things are not looking good for Simon Cowell, who suffered a major back injury in August of 2020 when he fell off of an electric bike and broke his back in multiple different places, just missing his spinal cord. The America's Got Talent star could have been left paralyzed if he had not been immediately transferred into a five-hour-long surgery that resulted in a metal rod being put into his back, per People.

A source told the outlet at the time that Cowell, 61 years old, was up and trying to walk just days after surgery. "He's on his feet and walking around again as much as he can. He's taking it easy but doing well. Simon is already back at work and he's been working on email on his iPad and speaking to a few on his team," the source said, before adding that he was "definitely not" letting the injuries slow down everything he had "going on" at the time. 

For the time being, Kelly Clarkson replaced him as judge on AGT, but she might be sticking around longer than anyone originally planned. 

Simon Cowell might not be able to go back to work just yet

Although the initial reports after his surgery were quite cheerful, a source told The Sun that things have not been all easy-breezy. Simon Cowell is reportedly in a lot of pain, required to wear a brace, and spends most of his time on bed rest being taken care of by nurses and doctors.

The source said, "It's been a rough few weeks. Simon's a fighter and fairly gung-ho. Naturally, he thought he'd be out of action for a few weeks and then, if not doing iron man contests, at least be back on the showbiz circuit. Instead, he's had a setback from surgery to fuse two vertebrae and it has proven more complicated than a standard break."

Cowell might be out of commission for at least six months, according to the source, so don't expect to see him back on America's Got Talent or its sister show, Britain's Got Talent, anytime soon. Not even virtually, as he originally planned. 

Simon Cowell is trying to be 'patient'

Originally, it was reported that Simon Cowell would be recording video messages or segments for America's Got Talent and Britain's Got Talent from home while resting up after his back surgery. But the severity of his injuries have made that more difficult than he would have liked.

A source told The Sun that things have just been too hard for the judge to consider taping any messages, even though he would have liked to given that he will be out of commission for another six months. "Simon is joking and in decent spirits. But he's also quite vain and the idea of going on national TV with no studio make-up, and while on heavy-duty medication, didn't appeal. So, unfortunately, he had to decline producers' requests," the source said.

He's apparently doing something else that takes up most of his energy: trying to be patient. The source added that he's being cared for at his home in Malibu, Calif. by his girlfriend Lauren Silverman and his 6-year-old son Eric. "He's on the mend and trying to be patient which is not something that comes terribly naturally to him," the source told The Sun of Simon's day-to-day. It can't be easy having suffered such serious injuries or to take care of Cowell, who is not known for his chipper demeanor. Here's hoping for the best for everyone.

Simon Cowell's pal Howie Mandel is rooting for him

Even if the reports of Simon Cowell's condition and recovery aren't the most promising, he's got his fans and famous friends on his side. Take, for instance, the interview Howie Mandel gave to Entertainment Tonight in mid-August 2020, right around the time of the surgery. The former Deal or No Deal host and Cowell's fellow America's Got Talent judge said, "We have been told he has been recovering tremendously. I would not count him out before the end of this season."

He also added, "I love the guy, I miss the guy, and my hearts and minds are with him and each and every moment." Not only did Mandel voice his support in the interview, but he also sent Cowell a gift — a regular, non-electric bike. Cowell shared a pic of the present on Instagram and wrote, "This just arrived at my house! Thank you @howiemandel."

Definitely seems like a safer way to get around. But, of course, not until Cowell is fully better. Here's hoping that will be sooner rather than later! Despite The Sun's reports of hard times, other sources claimed to ET in October, "He's doing really well and is recovering well and ahead of what was expected. He's doing over 10000 steps a day as well as swimming to get his back strong and healed again. He no longer needs to wear a back brace all the time."