Dennis Quaid's Strange Appearance At The CMT Music Awards Has Fans Talking

One of the best parts of award shows is the surprise factor. You never quite know who might show up on the red carpet or who might make an appearance. Though you can often expect the usual suspects to pop up at the award shows in their field — actors at the Oscars, singers at the Grammys, etc. — sometimes someone makes the leap across acting and music. Case in point: Dennis Quaid's appearance at the 2022 CMT Music Awards

Quaid is on hand at the country music award show to present an award. He brought along his wife, Laura Savoie, and the two walked the pink carpet together looking happy as can be to be there, despite viewers low-key wondering why he's there in the first place. But not only are country music fans surprised to see Quaid there, but it's equally as surprising to see him with Savoie. Though the two got married in 2019, this is their first red carpet as a couple since 2019, E! pointed out. Naturally, everything about Quaid's evening has Twitter all abuzz. 

Fans can't figure out why Dennis Quaid is at the CMT Music Awards

Dennis Quaid cut a dashing figure in his dark, shimmery suit at the CMT Music Awards, but his appearance certainly has Twitter users collectively scratching their heads. While some praised his outfit — including those sick boots — others questioned his affection for his wife. Another viewer simply wondered if they were actually seeing Quaid or not on the pink carpet.

Here's the thing: While you probably know Quaid from his blockbuster movies like "The Parent Trap," "Traffic," or "Far From Heaven," you may not realize that Quaid fancies himself a musician as well. He's performed on a few of his own movies' soundtracks and has a band called Dennis Quaid and The Sharks. However, he also plays his music on his own — and he has a gospel album coming out in October 2022! He told CMT on the pink carpet ahead of the award show, "I wrote half the songs; half the songs are stuff I grew up with in the baptist church." He also shared that he's "really excited" for the album to come out and teased another one to potentially be in the pipeline. 

"The more you know!"