Fans Take CMT Music Awards To Task Over The Nonexistent Feud Between Carrie Underwood And Miranda Lambert

Women in country music have long been outspoken about how hard it is for them to exist in the genre. In 2018, Cam called out the iHeart Radio Music Awards for all of its nominees for Country Artist of the Year being men — one of the toughest challenges women have to contend with. She wrote, "The majority of country listeners are female (actually true) but apparently we prefer listening [to] male singers so we can 'dream about them being [our] boyfriend' (actually said to me)." She added, "Sure hope #iHeartAwards picks the hottest one, cause that's all my lady-brain can understand!"

And in the male-dominated genre of country, it always seems as if drama is being stirred amongst the women — which is what happened at the 2022 CMT Music Awards. As one sharp-eyed Twitter user pointed out, the award show seems to have a knack for pitting Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood, two of the biggest women and most decorated women in music, against each other. The Twitter user noted, "... no matter how many times Miranda Lambert wins, the production time cannot resist putting a camera on Carrie Underwood's initial reaction. I'll never understand why they do it, but I also hope they never stop doing it."

Of course, it's entirely possible that the show kept cutting back and forth between Underwood and Lambert because of the simple fact that they're megastars — not only that, but fans saw nothing but love between the two.

Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood go way back

Country music may not be too welcoming for women, but the women have taken it upon themselves to cheer each other on. That includes Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood, who seemingly have absolutely no beef between them whatsoever. After one Twitter user speculated over network instigation of a potential feud between the two, another netizen replied to clarify, writing, "Miranda and Carrie are best friends and always support one another." Another responded to say, "Hoping for a jealous reaction, but they both have won so many awards, it shouldn't be such a competition!" The user also noted the friends "don't seem like divas to me" and were "just happy for each other."

Lambert and Underwood have nothing but appreciation for each other, as far as we can tell. Underwood congratulated Lambert on her song "Bluebird" hitting No. 1 on a Billboard chart in 2020, tweeting, "Congratulations! Long overdue!" with a heart emoji. And their love goes both ways — Lambert spoke warmly of Underwood in a chat with Taste of Country in 2019, pointing out that they came up through country music at the same time, after their debut albums were released close together. She said, "[Underwood] is drawing such positive, like, vibes to country music, plus she never misses a note. Ever."