Kat Von D Just Landed In Some Pricey Legal Trouble

Kat Von D knows what it takes to succeed. The model became a household name after starring in TLC's "Miami Ink" — a reality show that explores the inner workings of tattoo artists and the relationship between them and their clients. Per IMDb, "Miami Ink" aired for three seasons between 2005 and 2008, while Von D went on to get her own show called "LA Ink."

Since then, Von D has gone on to be a successful businesswoman with a makeup line and various musical projects. However, her brands also attracted a lot of controversy because of her personal beliefs. Per Insider, consumers threatened to boycott Kat Von D Beauty after rumors circulated about Von D's alleged anti-semitic and anti-vaccination views. Von D had denied the allegations, but she eventually sold her beauty company to its parent company in January 2020. While Von D has exited the beauty space, her troubles are still ongoing as she has just been handed another lawsuit — and this time it has to do with her tattoo business.

Kat Von D is getting sued by her landlord

Kat Von D is being sued by her landlord for unpaid rent and damages to the rental property now famously known as High Voltage Tattoo, according to legal documents obtained by TMZ. The landlord claims that Von D owes over $92,000 for remodeling fees and unpaid rent for the tattoo parlor, which was featured prominently in "LA Ink." The unpaid rent allegedly dates back to 2020, and includes rent to be due later this year.

Von D is also being sued for damages inside the studio, with the landlord claiming the television personality removed and painted parts of the ceiling, got rid of the wallpaper, and even took down an entire wall in the middle of the space.

The lawsuit comes months after Von D announced she'd be closing the famed tattoo parlor and moving to Indiana. She announced the news in a statement on Instagram, saying that she and her husband feel more at home in Indiana than Los Angeles. "[The move] means that, sadly, I will be closing my beloved tattoo shop @highvoltagetat here in West Hollywood on Dec 1," she wrote, noting it wouldn't "make sense" for her to fly back and forth to keep the studio open when they would be staying in Indiana for the long term. However, it seems like Von D still needs to deal with the studio for a little while longer.