Why Mark Wahlberg's Children Are Humiliated By His Past

Mark Wahlberg is easily one of the most recognizable stars in the movie industry, and we're not going to lie — he seems like one pretty cool dude. In addition to acting, he also co-owns restaurant chain Wahlburgers with his brothers, proving that he's a great businessman, too. Outside of the spotlight, the star and his wife, Rhea Durham, share four kids — Ella, Brendan, Michael, and Grace. When he's not promoting films or projects, the star shares photos of his brood on Instagram from time to time. 

As comes with the territory of being an actor, the press frequently asks Wahlberg about his kids and what the family dynamic is like. During one particular interview, he proved that he's like pretty much every other father when it comes to his daughter's dating life. "You want to hang out with him? I wanna meet him, and then you can hang out with him in a safe environment," he told "The Graham Norton Show" about his daughter's potential suitor. "All of a sudden, this kid comes over, and he one-ups me: he brings his mom." We can only imagine that the task of dating one of Wahlberg's kids would be daunting enough already. 

As the star makes his rounds to promote his film "Father Stu," he stopped by "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" and chatted about a variety of topics, including his kids. And it turns out, they don't love certain aspects of his past.

Mark Wahlberg's kids are 'mortified' by Marky Mark

While there are many fans of Mark Wahlberg's Marky Mark past, his kids aren't. Wahlberg got his start in the '90s music group Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, which churned out hits like "Good Vibrations." In the music video for the dance-worthy tune, Wahlberg showcased his dance moves ... and rock-hard abs. During an appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," the father of four chatted about his musical past and how it makes his children cringe. "They've seen videos of me performing, and they are mortified," he confessed to Ellen DeGeneres. Adding, "If they see a photo of me in the underwear, oh my God, they would be so embarrassed."

Wahlberg specifically called out his 16-year-old son. "Let's just say that, and he gets embarrassed by everything that I do, even the stuff that people think is cool in 2022," he dished. In addition, the actor shared that when he attended one of his son's football games, they played "Good Vibrations," in what had to be a cringe-worthy moment for his kids, especially his son. 

While we think it would be pretty cool to have a famous parent, other kids of famous folk think similarly to Wahlberg's kids, including Nicole Richie. "I can't really watch my dad dance," Richie once told ET. "It's just very uncomfortable for me. I'm just not really feeling it. So, I was more into the ballads 'cause watching my dad dance — I just get so embarrassed." Hilarious!