Erika Jayne Unleashes The Sass When Asked Why She Chucked Garcelle Beauvais' Memoir In The Trash

Erika Jayne and Garcelle Beauvais continue to prove that there are levels of petty that come with being a "Real Housewives" star. And we're loving it. The "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" Season 12 trailer has dropped and it is fire. In the clip, Garcelle holds nothing back when she tells Erika, "I don't have to make you look bad — you can do that all on your own!" 

But, where does all the beef come from? Especially, since Erika and Garcelle have never had a falling out before now.  Apparently, the tension may be linked to Sutton Stracke. In Season 11, Sutton hired security after a misunderstanding with Erika at a dinner party. The drama escalated when both Sutton and bestie Garcelle then unfollowed Erika on Instagram. Garcelle then spilled some of the tea on "The Real" (via the Daily Mail). "All I can say is she called me something that I did not like, and so, therefore, when somebody offends you in a way, I don't want to see her posts," she said.

Adding to the chaos, Garcelle has just released a book called "Love Me As I Am: 11 Revelations About 'RHOBH.'" So, after the new trailer dropped, she also shared it on her Instagram. She then cast some shade by paraphrasing herself from the clip and writing, "You know how else you can look bad all on your own? By not pre-ordering your copy of #LoveMeAsIAm." Of course, it wasn't long before Erika clapped back.

Erika Jayne trashed Garcelle Beauvais' book — literally

There's nothing like a "Real Housewives" sparring edition between two queens. After Garcelle Beauvais posted her scathing comment on Instagram, Erika Jayne took to her own Instagram Story. Per Us Weekly, she uploaded a video of Garcelle's book in the trash can. She penned, "Garcelle, even though you unfollowed me I'm sure you'll see this." On Twitter she attacked Garcelle, writing, "She's easily produced," and claimed that she wasn't jealous of Garcelle or Sutton Stracke

The "Pretty Mess" singer felt that Garcelle was using her name to promote her book. Erika also seemingly agreed with a fan that said that Garcelle was using her name for promotion purposes. She replied, "Yes, I draw lots of attention." Erika shared that her book also reached the top New York Times bestseller spot without the fanfare of a celebrity celebration. She also seemingly warned Garcelle, tweeting, "Don't use my name to promote your book. Use your famous friends." She added, "No need to use my name or very complicated legal and personal problems to sell her book." 

Speaking of legal issues, E! News reports that Erika has now been named as the "frontwoman" for one of her ex-husband's alleged criminal schemes. Erika may need some coin to defend herself in the latest lawsuit. So, when Erika tweeted that Garcelle should "cut me a check," she could actually be serious. It's official. Hell hath no fury like a housewife roasted on the socials.