Was Millie Bobby Brown In NCIS?

Millie Bobby Brown is known for her breakout role as Eleven in "Stranger Things." Yet although her portrayal of the character is what made her a household name, Brown has been on the big screen since she was a little girl. According to Variety, Brown made the decision to pursue acting at the age of 8. Her parents were supportive from the very beginning and even moved the entire family to Orlando, Florida so the rising star could live out her dream.

"It was like a bug," she told the outlet. "Once I find something I want to do, nobody's stopping me." Brown attributed the same format to acting and added that now it's "like breathing to me." 

Before landing some of the biggest projects of her career, she starred in several minor roles in shows like "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland," "Modern Family," and "Grey's Anatomy," per IMDb. And, in case viewers missed it, Brown also made a guest appearance on the widely popular crime show, "NCIS."

Millie Bobby Brown appeared on Season 12 of NCIS

Millie Bobby Brown played the role of Rachel Barns in the Season 12 "NCIS" episode titled "Parental Guidance," per CBS. According to Spoiler TV, the jaw-dropping case begins when 10-year-old Rachel comes home to discover her mother's body. When the team comes in looking for answers, Rachel insists people are out to get her father, who happens to be a Navy SEAL. After cracking down on the list of potential suspects, the NCIS team comes to a (SPOILER!) shocking discovery — Brown's character Rachel was actually responsible for killing her mother. 

"I've been ever-so-lucky to have some amazing projects that have been really well received," Brown said during a July 2019 interview with Teen Vogue. "My characters, I've had such a fun time playing."

Playing such an intense character like Rachel definitely prepared Brown for her upcoming projects. Just two years after her appearance on "NCIS," she snagged the role of Eleven on "Stranger Things," and from there, her career soared to all-new heights.

Millie Bobby Brown's success didn't happen overnight

Millie Bobby Brown has accomplished so much in her short career and continues to scratch goals off of her bucket list. According to People, in 2019, she made her feature film debut in "Godzilla: King of the Monsters" and also got her first producer credit for her work in "Enola Homes" — a film she also starred in as the titular character. 

During an interview with Glamour UK, Brown opened up about her experience shooting a film for the first time. "I was so nervous because I haven't done a film before," she said. "It's definitely like nothing I have experienced, it's very different to doing a TV show." 

Although it seems like Brown's success happened overnight, the "Intruders" actor's making it very clear that it did not. "I have never felt like that because I have been working in the industry for six years," she told Glamour UK. "Even though that doesn't sound like a long time, I have been auditioning and working for that long."