The Real Reason Joy Behar Went To Donald Trump's Wedding

Joy Behar is someone who certainly hasn't held back, especially when it comes to her criticism of former President Donald Trump and his administration. In fact, the television personality has a history of lashing out at Trump. Back in February, Behar questioned Trump's intelligence after he said Vladimir Putin's decision to invade Ukraine was "smart," per The Guardian.

During an episode of "The View" at the time, she said, "I mean, I don't think that he's any kind of a person to say who's smart and who's not smart. His vocabulary, for one thing, is extremely limited. He knows about 10 words." If that weren't enough, on March 1, she also suggested on another episode that the only way Trump will run for office in 2024 is if "he does it from Rikers Island," according to The Wrap.

Clearly, Behar is not one to mince her words when it comes to Trump and that's why a lot of people are surprised to find out that she actually attended Trump's wedding to Melania at Mar-A-Lago back in 2005. However, Behar says there's a particular reason she went.

Joy Behar says she went to Trump's wedding for professional reasons

It's actually quite difficult to find a photo of both Donald Trump and Joy Behar, and that's because they are rarely in the same room at the same time together. During one episode of "The View" in 2019, Behar was questioned about her personal relationship with Trump after she and Whoopi Goldberg admitted they kept getting censored for their rants about the former president, per Business Insider. Behar was quick to tell her co-host Sunny Hostin that she and Trump were never friends and that she only attended his wedding to Melania in 2005 because of professional reasons. "I went to his wedding because my manager was working with him," Behar insisted (via The Things). 

And even though Behar attended one of Trump's personal affairs just once, the real-estate mogul had appeared on "The View" plenty of times in the past — 18 to be exact. During an episode in 2003, the ladies of "The View," including Behar, discussed whether or not the hair on Trump's hair was real. Trump turned out to be the surprise guest that day, and at one point on the show, he gave Behar a quick back rub and even allowed her to touch his hair just to make sure that it was "real."

And while such a moment might seem hard to imagine today, Behar actually had interesting things to say about Trump in 2018. In fact, it came out of left field so much that some fans of "The View" had to do a double-take.

Joy Behar didn't always strongly dislike Trump

Politics aside, there was a time in which Joy Behar actually did like Donald Trump — or at least liked the person that he was. In an interview with MSNBC's Ari Melber, Behar admitted that the Trump that she knew before 2016 was one that she didn't mind sharing a table with. She admitted to Melber (via the Daily Caller), "I liked the guy in a way. It was like, oh, he's a New York character. And now, you know ..." If that weren't enough, Behar also said that when it comes to Trump, what you see isn't always what you get. "He's not a Republican or a Democrat. He's an anarchist in my opinion," she added.

Now, as far as Trump's opinion about Behar is concerned, back in 2016, he tweeted that both she and her co-host Whoopi Goldberg perhaps weren't on his holiday card list, according to Insider. "Whoopi Goldberg is terrible. Very sad!" he said, adding, "Joy Behar, who was fired from her last show for lack of ratings, is even worse on [The View]." One can only wonder how the ratings looked like when Trump was still on the show, right?