Hollywood Bromances You Didn't Know Existed

There once was a time when the notion of "bromance" was scoffed at. Due to pervasive homophobia, men exhibiting affection for one another was largely subject to ridicule within the mainstream media. "The more homophobic a society is, the more distant, stoic, and aggressive men become," gender role expert Stefan Robinson told Men's Journal. "For men's friendships, this meant that self-disclosure and emotional openness ... were completely lacking." The bromance phenomenon is, therefore, largely attributable to a recent re-evaluation of gender roles, as well as changes in attitudes towards the LGBTQ+ community. Thanks to efforts focused on highlighting the dangers of toxic masculinity and a sudden succession of bromantic comedies such as "I Love You, Man" and "Pineapple Express" in the late 2000s, innumerable men are now proud to embrace the powers of an almighty bromance.

When we think of Hollywood bromances, we usually conjure images of Sirs Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart loving it up on the red carpet (the venerated thespians even got married — well, sort of). Or perhaps we are reminded of somewhat less wholesome incarnations of the bromance via the self-styled, ahem, "p***y posse," Tobey Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio. But there are many man-crushes blossoming behind the scenes and evading public scrutiny.

These bromantic heroes have managed to keep their friendships largely under wraps. Keep reading to discover the Hollywood bromances you didn't know existed.

Pete Davidson has found a BFF in Dave Chappelle

One is a controversial comedian who frequently makes offensive jokes. The other is a much younger controversial comedian... who frequently makes offensive jokes. Despite this similitude, stand-up vet Dave Chappelle and "Saturday Night Live" star Pete Davidson, who have an age gap of 20 years, undoubtedly make an unusual pairing. But the pals actually have a lot in common. Both have been open about their personal struggles, which have influenced their comedic material. Chappelle withdrew from the public eye at the height of his fame due to mental health issues, while Davidson has discussed his problems with self-harm and depression.

Keenly aware that his pal was in need, Chappelle allowed Davidson to retreat to his home for Christmas in 2018. According to insiders who chatted to Us Weekly, Davidson, who was struggling with his mental wellbeing at the time, was welcomed into his buddy's secluded pad. If that's not all, the pair had a palpable rapport during an "SNL" skit in 2020, in which the two repeatedly broke character as they struggled to contain their giggles amid Chappelle's NSFW ad-libbing.

During an appearance on "Late Night With Seth Meyers," Machine Gun Kelly, Davidson's long time pal, recalled an anecdote involving the King of Staten Island's unlikely friendship with Chappelle. The duo were invited to smoke weed at Chappelle's house during his mom's 81st birthday party, as you do. "We end up at his house. His wife was, like, furious that we were still there, like 'Get these idiots outta here,'" MGK laughed.

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health, please contact the Crisis Text Line by texting HOME to 741741, call the National Alliance on Mental Illness helpline at 1-800-950-NAMI (6264), or visit the National Institute of Mental Health website.

Jonah Hill lived in Brad Pitt's house

Dubbed the most bizarre friendship in Hollywood, A-listers Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill are reportedly super close. The pair have worked together on "Moneyball" and, of course, "Megamind" and thus began a beautiful bromance.

During an appearance on "The Daily Show" (via Us Weekly) in 2011, Hill revealed the extent of his closeness with Pitt. In fact, the elder actor let his bud crash at his pad for several months. "It sucks because he's so handsome... You don't wanna like him so much!" Hill gushed. "I was shooting in New Orleans, and he let me live in his house," Hill continued. "He said, 'Go live there!' I said, 'I'm there for three-and-a-half, four months,' and he said, 'That's cool. Live at my house.'" That's certainly some Southern hospitality from the erstwhile Mr. Jolie-Pitt (Angie didn't appear to be entirely on board with Hill's months-long stay).

Among the many perks of Hill being pals with Pitt is that the aspiring wunderkind learnt some valuable lessons from the older, perhaps wiser star. In a 2011 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, a then 27-year-old Hill said that Pitt inspired him when they were making "Moneyball," divulging that the Hollywood icon's shift into increasingly serious roles also led to him having his own epiphany regarding his career. "I learned a tremendous amount from Brad ... just his advice about making interesting choices as an actor. That's really been the most inspiring thing Brad's done for me," he stated.

A beefy bromance for Jason Momoa and Channing Tatum

Two of the hunkiest heartthrobs in Hollywood man-crushing? Count us in. Channing Tatum is close friends with fellow beefcake Jason Momoa, who certainly wouldn't look out of place in "Magic Mike 3," or "XXXL" as we hope it will be called. But it turns out that Magic Mike and Aquaman have actually been besties for years. "Channing and Jason have known each other through mutual friends for years. They run in similar circles and are both friends with a lot of stunt guys in the industry," an insider dished to People. Who knew?

An interesting element to their friendship is that Tatum made it red carpet official with lady love Zoe Kravitz, who is Momoa's stepdaughter. Luckily, Momoa approves of his pal's romance with Kravitz, telling People, "He's wonderful." On Instagram, the "Game of Thrones" star posted a wholesome snap of himself and Tatum cosying up as they made their way to support Kravitz at the premiere of "The Batman."

Excitingly, Momoa has hinted at making an appearance in "Magic Mike 3," cheekily telling People, "[Channing and I] had a little too much fun the other night and there might be something in the pipeline. Who knows?" Well, the world of male striptease may be all about showtime, not bro time, but with these hunky BBFs potentially on board for the threequel, we see a lotta lawbreakers up in his house tonight.

Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal are bromantic heroes

We can certainly understand what pals Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal see in each other. The former is the unthreatening pretty boy heartthrob of today; the latter was the blue-eyed dreamboat of yesteryear. With Holland's MCU stardom and Gyllenhaal's wealth of experience in the industry (not to mention their joint good looks to boot), there's no stopping these besties, even if they do play arch-nemeses on screen.

In 2020, Holland challenged his "Spider-Man" co-star to a "shirtless handstand" challenge on Instagram, per Independent. Inevitably, stans got super thirsty watching the hunks attempt to put shirts on while doing the maneuver, though Gyllenhaal was clearly more adept at the task than his BFF.  But the pair's bromance isn't confined to sizzling social media stunts. 

Both actors have a mutual respect for each other, which is evident from the gushing praise they have heaped onto one another in interviews. During an appearance on "Good Morning Britain," Gyllenhaal fanboyed over Holland. "It's straight romance, let's be honest," he said when asked about his chemistry with Holland. "It's not even a bromance; it's straight romance ... I adore him." Meanwhile, Holland referred to Gyllenhaal as his "husband" in an Instagram post and reposted his pal's birthday tribute, complete with three drooling emojis. Now that's a bromance for the ages. As Holland once said, "Get someone that looks at you the way @jakegyllenhaal looks at me." With Mysterio's steely blue peepers, we can't blame Holland for this epic man-crush.

Denzel Washington always has Will Smith's back

The incident that remains on everyone's tongues — yes, we're talking about that slap — Will Smith's tirade against Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars exposed a lot about Hollywood. Most of all, it revealed who is allowed in Smith's secretive inner circle: Tyler Perry, Bradley Cooper... and Denzel Washington. Of all those who rationalized Smith's actions, Washington was perhaps the most philosophical. 

At T.D. Jakes' leadership summit (via NBC News), Washington defended his bud. "Well, there's a saying, 'When the devil ignores you, then you know you're doing something wrong' ... Conversely, when the devil comes at you, maybe it's because he's trying to do something right," the acting legend reasoned. "And for whatever reason the devil got ahold of that circumstance that night." There's no doubt about it: Washington has Smith's back, no matter what.

It's difficult to fathom what the Fresh Prince and the venerable Oscar-winner have in common, but it turns out that the unlikely duo have been close pals for decades, long before a slap brought them together. In a 2021 interview with GQ, Smith revealed that Washington offered his insightful advice when the "King Richard" star was going through existential struggles. "Throughout the years, I would always call Denzel. He's a real sage," he revealed. "I was probably 48 ... and I called Denzel. He said, 'Listen. You've got to think of it as the funky 40 ... But just wait till you hit the f***-it 50s.'" Forget bad boys for life: these two are bros for life.

Chris Rock and Adam Sandler are BFFs

Speaking of the 2022 Oscars slap, don't expect Will Smith to appear among Adam Sandler's increasingly lengthy ensemble casts any time soon. The comedy vet is firmly on the side of Chris Rock. Why? Because these two have been BFFs for decades. Shortly after the now-infamous incident, Sandler offered his support to Rock, promoting his stand-up show on Twitter underneath the caption, "Can't wait for this. Love you buddy!"

Rock and Sandler have worked together on screen for years, from "The Longest Yard" to the "Grown Ups" franchise. In an interview on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," the Sandman opened up about how he and Rock first became friends, revealing that they'd been besties since they were 17. "We just became really tight immediately," he said. "I was like 'Oh man, this guy is funny.'" Meanwhile, Rock had similar praise for his BFF in an interview with Esquire. Reminiscing about the early days of the rib-tickling twosome's friendship, the comedian declared, "He's so funny. I just fell in love with him. Then he got off stage and we talked and we hung out."

Moreover, Rock told ExtraTV that Sandler is his inspiration for taking on a serious role in "Fargo," admitting that it was the comedic actor's revelatory turn in drama film "Uncut Gems" that motivated him to do the show. "I'm like, 'Wow this guy is amazing. Oh, he's your best friend!'" he joked. "And now I'm doing a dramatic role because I copy everything he does."

A very British bromance for Harry Styles and James Corden

He was a pop star; he was a talk show host: can we make it any more obvious? Admittedly, when Harry Styles' squad comes to mind one doesn't immediately think of British funnyman James Corden. But these two pals are actually super tight. Poking fun at one another seems to be at the heart of the duo's bromance. When Styles became a week-long mainstay of "The Late Late Show With James Corden" in 2017, Styles leapt into the host's chair and pretended to be his friend, while Corden donned Styles' signature guitar and quirky fashion sensibilities, jokingly introduced as "the handsome, the talented, the narcissistic" Harry Styles.

The bromance heated up between the pair when Styles appeared on Carpool Karaoke and he and Corden sang an emotional rendition of Diana Ross and Lionel Richie's "Endless Love." They took their chemistry one step further on a Christmas special of the much-loved karaoke segment and shared a smooch.

But their friendship isn't confined to the late night circuit. Back in 2013, a stylish Styles went on an outing with Corden and his son, helping the doting father with his stroller, as reported by Daily Mail. And the duo love vacationing together, too. Per People, Styles and Corden, along with singing superstar Adele, went on a beach trip to Anguilla in 2020. Regarding his love for Styles, Corden gushed to Heat, "There's nothing he can't do. Genuinely, there is nothing out of the realms of possibility for him."

Tim Roth loved his pal Tupac Shakur

British character actor Tim Roth man-crushing on hip-hop legend Tupac Shakur? Some things are stranger than pulp fiction. Not only did Roth and Shakur enjoy a blossoming bromance, but they totally loved each other. After acting alongside one another in underappreciated '90s indie gem "Gridlock'd," Roth and his rap co-star became tight. "I loved him ... His nickname for me was Free S***, because I'd take anything that was free," he recalled to The Guardian. Perhaps their bromance would have bloomed more were it not for the tragedy that soon befell the rapper. Tupac was shot dead in 1996, aged just 25; the murder remains unsolved to this day. Sadly, Shakur never got to see the premiere of "Gridlock'd," having been killed just months before its release, per EW.

During a Reddit AMA, Roth reflected on the moment his friend died. "We had our fingers crossed that he would survive in the hospital, but it was the surgery that got him in the end," he said. "He was young and rash but also brilliant and I adored him." Following the rapper's death, Roth helped pay for his funeral, as his mom was struggling to foot the cost.

In an interview with James Corden, Roth revealed that he and the rap icon even recorded music together at Death Row Records. "Which was hilarious, [because a] little pasty-faced London boy walking into Death Row Records," Roth joked, noting that whatever he and Shakur recorded together is hidden away in a vault somewhere.

Chris Hemsworth is man-crushing on Taika Waititi

Quirky filmmaker and "Flight of the Conchords" writer Taika Waititi has found himself an unwitting Hollywood A-lister in recent years (this is, after all, the man behind the hilariously unromantic indie comedy "Eagle vs Shark"). And with a Hollywood career comes Hollywood pals. Waititi has made an unexpected bestie in Aussie dreamboat Chris Hemsworth.

These two have been inseparable for a while: chatting with Heat (via The Hollywood Reporter), the pair recalled their first date. After Hemsworth described the encounter as "awkward," Waititi joked, "He was probably just very nervous to meet me. You know what they say, don't meet your heroes." But when making "Thor: Ragnarok," which Waititi directed, the duo had to remain tight-lipped about their long term friendship. "We'd decided not to tell these guys that we knew each other because I didn't want to get a job because of my friend," Waititi admitted, according to the book "The Story of Marvel Studios: The Making of the Marvel Cinematic Universe" (via Insider).

Speaking with Build, the Australian pinup revealed that his director bestie brought out the silly side in him, noting that Waititi put him at ease with making a fool out of himself. "He really taught me," Hemsworth added. And silly Waititi is. Celebrating Hemsworth's birthday in 2020, Waititi tweeted, "Happy Birthday to my reason for living, @chrishemsworth," along with a cozy snap – except this sweet gesture turned out to be an act of trolldom: Waititi had actually tweeted a photo of himself cuddling Liam Hemsworth.

Eddie Vedder and Bradley Cooper are friends and mentors

Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder and A-lister Bradley Cooper admittedly have a lot in common. For a start, they're both open to expanding beyond their traditional medium. Indeed, Vedder has been a Hollywood player since his band's inception, appearing in Cameron Crowe's grunge flick "Singles" and collabing with Tim Robbins on his anti-death penalty film, "Dead Man Walking." Meanwhile, Cooper is as famed for his acting chops as he is for those epic pipes, having showcased his singing skills with Lady Gaga. Thus, Vedder and Cooper bonded and a superstar friendship was born.

It must be said, Cooper's gravelly singing voice in "A Star is Born" is more than a little reminiscent of the Pearl Jam frontman's famous drawl. This was no coincidence after all; in fact, Vedder's unique singing style inspired Cooper's performance. "I went up to Seattle and spent four or five days with him and I asked him 9,000 questions," Cooper told Yahoo! Entertainment. "And he gave me minor, little things that only musicians know about what to do, just aesthetically and the inner workings." Although Vedder initially thought his friend was "crazy" to take on the role, he eventually warmed to the idea.

Meanwhile, Vedder had his own unique advice for Cooper: "Make sure your guitar covers your balls at all times," he quipped in an interview with Howard Stern, continuing, "I think sometimes when the guitar gets a little bit high it looks more like a bib."

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney can't get enough of each other

Ryan Reynolds is one of the world's sexiest men and an all round Mr. Nice Guy. It seems, then, that he is an odd match for the creator of one of the most offensive sitcoms of all time. Yet, the "Deadpool" star and the "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" writer have become great friends. We can't help but wonder if Rob McElhenney tracked down Reynolds by creating a bicep flyer, as his onscreen alter ego Mac did to score some beefcake BFFs.

Per Men's Health, it was when Reynolds saw McElhenney in "Always Sunny's" uncharacteristically moving coming out scene that he realized he had to befriend him. "Like a classic fanboy, I DM'd him just to say how much I admire him, and I sent him a case of Aviation Gin, because I'm nothing if not a pusher," Reynolds told the outlet.

As reported by The Guardian, the pair decided to buy low league soccer team Wrexham AFC, which is based in Wales, in 2020. The decision brought the pair even closer. "I probably text with him three times a week if I don't see him ... It's just great to have a good friend like that," McElhenney told "Fearless in Devotion." The friends have decided to do good with their new venture. As owners of Wrexham, they have put out a free bar tab for fans, paid thousands of dollars to help out a disabled fan, and hired a Welsh mom as the team's translator.

Spike Lee and Martin Scorsese's cinematic bromance

We all know that Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro are tight AF, but one of Marty's lesser publicized friendships is with fellow film director Spike Lee. Scorsese went from being Lee's mentor and inspiration to his friend and hero, per USA Today. In an interview with GQ, Lee discussed the origins of the creative twosome's friendship. "I remember the first time I met Marty. I was at NYU. He had a screening of 'After Hours.' And afterwards, I went up to him and I told him the story," he explained. "He still remembers it ... I made an impact on him just by talking to him, telling him how much I liked the film. And we've been friends ever since."

Lee may be fanboying over the elder filmmaker, but Scorsese is just as keen to heap praise on his long time friend. Following the release of Lee's 2018 film "BlacKKKlansman," which drew parallels between the Ku Klux Klan in the '70s and the Trump presidency, Scorsese had nothing but commendation for his buddy, per Deadline. Accordingly, after Marty gushed about the film, Lee sweetly yelled out, "My man!"

In a feature for Interview Magazine, the filmmakers speculated that their bond may be attributable to some of the shared experiences of African-Americans and Italian-Americans living in New York. "There is a similarity, culturally. There is a similarity especially in the way the two groups live near each other and interweave cultures," Scorsese mused.

Jack McBrayer and Alexander Skarsgård: the original odd couple

A friendship between a hunky Swede and a character actor renowned for playing meek and nerdy parts sounds more like a sitcom plot than a lived reality. But "True Blood" star Alexander Skarsgård and "30 Rock" funnyman Jack Mcbrayer are indeed BFFs.

In 2018, Skarsgård brought McBrayer as his date to the Screen Actors Guild Awards, per People. Speaking with AP, McBrayer revealed that he and Skarsgård became besties after living as neighbors in L.A. "We just hit it off. He is the sweetest guy in the world," he gushed. Meanwhile, Skarsgård joked that he had to move cities because McBrayer kept spying on him with a telescope.

The BFFs took part in a "Funny or Die" series in which they traveled to the Antarctic to raise awareness of climate change in 2015. Discussing the expedition in an interview with Esquire, Skarsgård joked that having to spend over a week together in the icy landscape spelled the end of their beautiful bromance. "We were incredibly close until we spent nine days together on a boat in bunk beds," he quipped. The Swedish heartthrob noted that he's an adventurer, while his pal is content to never leave his sunny L.A. pad, which formed the basis of much of the voyage's comedy. As Skarsgård praised his friend's eventual enthusiasm to join him on the project, McBrayer replied, "Thank you. I love you." Clearly, opposites attract, and these two are true blood brothers.

Matthew McConaughey and Guy Fieri are cooking up a heated bromance

Matthew McConaughey and Guy Fieri are no ordinary bromance; but then, these two are no ordinary guys. The Oscar-winner and the Mayor of Flavortown have been friends for almost two decades, their bromance initiated by McConaughey's love of the celeb chef's show, "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives."

Per Variety, McConaughey paid an adoring tribute to Fieri when the restaurateur was inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2019. Describing the moment he first discovered Fieri, McConaughey recalled, "15 or so years ago, I was living in an Airstream traveling across America ... I lived on the road. And I came across this show 'Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives' and it quickly became my favorite show." Subsequently, he decided to call Fieri and the pair quickly bonded over food, as McConaughey would frequently call the cook for restaurant recommendations. Thereafter, they met in person and hit it off immediately. "We ate a lot of food. We drank a lot of spirits. We talked about life, and we talked about being authentic to who you are," McConaughey continued. "And that's the night that I met you, Guy Fieri."

When the Southern gent married his long term girlfriend, Camila Alves, in 2012, there was only one man up for the job of cooking the wedding feast: Guy Fieri, per Us Magazine. McConaughey even appeared on "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" where he and Fieri tried out Tex-Mex casserole. Ever since they first met, these two have been getting on alright, alright, alright.