Everyone Is Talking About Bethenny Frankel's Harsh Rollerskating Fall

Sometimes you're the windshield. Sometimes you're the bug. 

Reality star turned entrepreneur Bethenny Frankel is no stranger when it comes to skating. Back in 2010, she made headlines when she closed out a season of ABC's "Skating with the Stars" as the runner-up. It should be noted that she was six months postpartum at the time. "I did take on too much, but when you do that, you have to just push harder and go through it," Frankel said of the experience, per People. "And you will get what you want. You will get there in the end," she continued. 

Prior to that, however, Frankel grew up knowing her way around the roller rink. "I spent all day every single Saturday and Sunday at Hot Skates Roller Rink for much of my childhood," Frankel revealed in a candid 2019 Instagram post along with a photo of her younger self donning a tube top and skirt combo complete with a feather boa. "I was literally there when John Lennon got shot and had my first kiss to Marc Rosenbloom there in 6th grade," she reminisced. But even seasoned roller skaters take a few falls every now and then...

Bethenny Frankel landed on her backside

Skinny Girl mogul Bethenny Frankel had a much different experience than that of her "Skating with the Stars" days when she laced up a pair of roller skates for the opening of Flipper's Roller Boogie Palace hosted by R&B singer Usher.

In a video obtained by TMZ, the former "Real Housewives of New York City" star can be seen touching up her lip gloss and confidently busting a move on wheels before landing squarely on her famous hind end. Cue the gasps. Fortunately, a friend sprang into action and helped her up. Shortly after TMZ posted the fall to their official Twitter account, others in the Twitterverse chimed in to give their own commentary on Frankel's famous fall. "Happens to everyone," one user penned matter of factly. Meanwhile, another tweeted, "she'll be pissed about this. she was showing off & went splat." 

Here's to hoping Frankel skated away from the incident with only a bruised ego...