Jada Pinkett Smith's Return To Red Table Talk Is Sure To Spark Buzz

People have been dying to hear more from Jada Pinkett Smith ever since her husband, Will Smith, slapped Chris Rock across the face at the Oscars for making a crack about her hair, which she shaved because of her alopecia. So you can guess how excited, well... everyone is to learn of her return to her Facebook talk show, "Red Table Talk."

In the past, Pinkett Smith has used the platform to get brutally (and we really mean brutally) honest about her personal life. It's where we learned about her alopecia in the first place, after all. It's also where she, rather infamously, confronted Will Smith about their open relationship and the other men she'd been with during their marriage.

But based on the Season 5 trailer that just dropped, Pinkett Smith isn't the only one who's coming to the table to open way up on the show. The short clip promises a stacked lineup of celebrity guests who will be opening up with some serious conversations that are bound to strike at least a few chords.

Fans only want one thing from Red Table Talk Season 5

The short trailer for Season 5 of "Red Table Talk" shows Jada Pinkett Smith, joined by her mother, Adrienne Banfield Norris, and her daughter, Willow Smith, having some pretty heavy mother-daughter talks. Guests will include Janelle Monae — and her mom! — as well as Ireland Baldwin and her mom, Kim Basinger. Season 5 also promises some top-tier scammer discussion, with "Tinder Swindler" victim Ayleen Charlotte and Anna Delvey victim Rachel DeLoache Williams. The women will be discussing abusive relationships, suicide, abandonment, and public divorce so, buckle up. 

Before you ask, nothing in the trailer indicates that Pinkett Smith will be addressing The Slap, which seems to have peeved some social media users. 

"They forgot to address the giant elephant in the room," tweeted one commenter. "What about the slap," commented another. "Not one mention," one person quote-tweeted TMZ, which asked, "Now will the infamous Oscars moment get a mention?" 

Then again, nothing is ever fully off the Red Table.