The Real Reason Donald Trump Stormed Out Of An Interview With Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan and Donald Trump have quite the rocky history. The two pretty much define the word frenemy, as they've been everything from close buddies to pretty much sworn enemies and everything in between.

The twosome's friendship (or now lack thereof) goes all the way back to 2008 when Morgan won Trump's "Celebrity Apprentice." He then threw his support behind Trump's presidential run and the two remained good friends during much of Trump's presidency, with Morgan even defending their friendship after his association with the controversial businessman came under fire. "I like him. He's been very loyal to me in many different ways, which I have greatly appreciated, and I judge him for how he behaves as a campaigner and now as a president," he explained on Britain's "Loose Women" in 2017. The two then spoke publicly together in several interviews.

But all was good... until it wasn't. Trump infamously unfollowed his apparent friend on Twitter in October 2020 after Morgan grew critical of his response to the Coronavirus pandemic. "He went a bit crazy didn't he with this pandemic? And unfortunately, it drew all the very worst of Donald Trump out and I got increasingly angry with him," Morgan said on Ireland's "Late Late Show." That appeared to spell the end of their friendship, as Morgan continued to say more and more not exactly nice things about Trump, including calling him "deluded" in his Daily Mail column in January 2021. And that didn't go unnoticed.

Morgan vs. Trump

It seems like Donald Trump and Piers Morgan's friendship is very much off, as a sneak peek at Morgan's latest interview with his seemingly former friend appears to show Trump storming off. In a clip from the April 25 episode of "Piers Morgan Uncensored," the twosome's chat clearly did not go too well. The video shows the two going head-to-head as Morgan interviewed the businessman, who got increasingly annoyed before telling the journalist, "I think I'm a very honest man... much more honest than you, actually."

Morgan then asked about the controversial 2020 election and President Joe Biden's win, telling the ex-president he lost, to which Trump responded, "Only a fool would think that." After Morgan pointed out that Trump had not provided any evidence to suggest the election was fraudulent (though his claims have been debunked), the former president bluntly responded, "I don't think you're real." He then got up, asked for the cameras to be turned off, called his former friend "very dishonest," and seemingly stormed off. Morgan also claimed to New York Post that he was sent a note from Trump's team pre-interview listing all the negative things he'd said about him.

The interview came just over a year after Morgan claimed he was "done" with the president in the wake of the Capitol Building riots, saying on "Good Morning Britain" he didn't think they'd ever reconcile their friendship after he was left "disappointed" with the way Trump handled things.