90 Day Fiance Star Shares Troubling Update On Ex-Fiance In Ukraine

The "90 Day Fiance" franchise has reportedly had plenty of fake storylines and staged moments, but often, the truth is even stranger or more dramatic. The series has given us major scandals, uncomfortable moments, and incredible cast members (both good and bad). One of the most unforgettable couples appeared in the 4th season of "90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days": David Murphey and Lana. Fans watched as the 60-year-old traveled from Las Vegas to Ukraine to meet 27-year-old Lana whom he'd been talking to for seven years. Unfortunately, their union proved to be a struggle as she stood him up... for the fourth time.

David refused to give up. First, he drove for eight hours to her alleged home — uninvited — and discovered she wasn't there and likely never had been. Then, he hired a private investigator who found Lana on multiple dating sites and, faced with that harsh truth, simply refused to believe it. "That's a lie," David proclaimed. After returning to the U.S., he traveled back to Ukraine, and, to everyone's surprise, Lana showed up. They got engaged at the airport before his flight home, but not before David shot off an unforgettably glorious email to his P.I. with a photo of him and Lana together. "Add this to my case file. And by the way, Lana says Hi!!!!, NOT!!!!" he wrote. In the end, the couple called it quits but David couldn't help checking in on his ex following Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

David gives viewers an update on Lana

On April 18, "90 Day Diaries" aired a special focused on the crisis in Ukraine. The hour-long episode featured Natalie Mordovtseva speaking to her mother (who managed to safely flee to Poland), Yara Zaya attending a rally for Ukraine with her baby daughter in Louisiana, and Maria Divine (Caesar Mack's ex who never ended up meeting him) at home in Kyiv, Ukraine. "90 Day Diaries: Ukraine" also reunited viewers with one of the most memorable cast members of all time: David Murphey. 

After sharing that he and Lana had broken things off due to the strains of a long-distance relationship, especially in the time of COVID-19, David told fans he was able to get in touch with his ex. Offering an update, he revealed, "She's amid all the bombs going off in Kyiv but the last time I heard, Lana's in hiding so I think she's OK. Right now, I won't fear for the worst," he added.

David also revealed that he had applied to the Ukrainian embassy to become a foreign fighter in Ukraine because he considers the country to be his second home. However, his application was eventually denied due to his lack of combat experience. Limited in what he could do to help, David called his friend Anya (who is pregnant) and offered to fly to Europe to help her make it across the border. While she considered the offer, she chose to stay put so as not to leave her husband behind.