Sarah Ferguson Makes Clear Where She Stands With Queen Elizabeth Today

Before Meghan Markle was the royal family-in-law causing the most commotion between the media and the monarchy, there was Sarah Ferguson. Ferguson, nicknamed "Fergie" by the press, was once married to Prince Andrew (yes, that Prince Andrew), and is the mother of Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie. Back in the early '90s, Fergie and Andrew's tumultuous marriage and the speculated rift it was causing amongst other royals, per Yahoo!, arguably got the same kind of nonstop coverage that the speculated rift between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry and the rest of the royal family does today. 

As it is a new era in the British monarchy, we have to wonder where Fergie and Queen Elizabeth stand now. Is it all water under the bridge? Was there ever a real rift to begin with? Or are there still deep simmering tensions between the 96-year-old monarch and the ex-wife of her disgraced son? Fergie herself took to Twitter to weigh in.

Sarah Ferguson wished the queen a happy birthday

In light of Queen Elizabeth's 96th birthday, her ex-daughter-in-law and former British tabloid mainstay Sarah Ferguson posted a message to her official Twitter account, making it clear that she is still in good standing with the royal family. "Happy Birthday Your Majesty," Fergie wrote. "What an amazing day of celebrations for the most inspirational Head of State, leader, Wife, Mother, Granny, Great Granny and Mother in Law."

Now, the queen does not personally post anything to social media — we'd frankly be a bit surprised if she knew how — and she never comments publicly on personal family matters. That means that if this tweet is just Ferguson sucking up because Queen Elizabeth doesn't seem to like her very much, we'd probably never know for sure. We do know that even if she's not the star of the royal family's current scandals, she's not totally clear of them either. For one thing, she has been named in her ex-husband Prince Andrew's legal suit over alleged fraud, according to The Guardian. She also caused some controversy when Andrew used her Instagram account to send a message using the HRH title he was stripped of, per People. 

For now, we'll just take Fergie at her word.