Cruz Beckham Just Took The First Major Step In Following His Mother's Footsteps

Just like his mother, the Spice Girls' Victoria Beckham, it appears Cruz Beckham is following in her footsteps by pursuing a career in entertainment.

During a 2022 interview with i-D magazine, Cruz recalled performing on stage at just 3 years old with the Spice Girls on their 2008 tour. "I was doing head spins and stuff, which is great to look back at now," he said. Cruz told the magazine first wowed his parents with his voice when hitting all the high notes to Beyoncé's "Love On Top" in the car. "I was still really little! My voice hadn't really developed, so I could just sing that high!" Cruz explained. Initially, he thought he wanted to follow his father's, David Beckham, career path by becoming a footballer and even confessed to bagging himself a contract with Arsenal. However, deep down, Cruz knew that wasn't his true passion, saying: "I just decided: [making music] is exactly what I want to do."

In 2016, Cruz released his debut single at 11 years old, a Christmas song titled "If Everyday Was Christmas," for charity. As noted by NME, all the proceeds went to Make Some Noise. Now that over six years have passed, it appears Cruz is ready to take his music career seriously and has landed himself a big deal.

Cruz Beckham has signed a management deal

After giving the public a taste of his music in 2016, it seems 17-year-old Cruz Beckham is ready to pursue being a singer full time. As previously reported by The Daily Mail, he recently signed a management deal with Tap Music. Tap Music has worked with major talent, including Dua Lipa, Ellie Goulding, and Lana Del Rey. With the management deal secured, Tap Music is now on the hunt to find Cruz a record deal.

"The fact that such a well-established and successful management company has taken on Cruz proves there is faith that he is the real deal," an inside source told The Sun (via The Daily Mail), adding, "Everyone has been really impressed with what they have heard so far and he is working hard to develop his songs." The source added, "the most important thing is that everyone insists his voice is better than his mum's."

Cruz has kept tight-lipped about his upcoming material but does share photos of himself in the studio from time to time. As seen in the snapshot above, he shared an upload to Instagram of himself singing while in the room with a producer in November 2021. Earlier this month, he posted another image from the studio on Instagram. In the comments section, one user wrote, "Drop "Miami" bruh!!," to which Cruz responded: ":) soooon."