Jane Fonda Shares A Totally On-Brand Take On Aging

Jane Fonda is one of the most talked about celebrities in the industry. Fonda has made plenty of headlines for her history of activism and she also starred in the Netflix hit "Grace and Frankie." But with all that aside, Fonda is probably most well-known for her fitness videos and for her part in starting the home fitness revolution. The star's 1982 VHS tape titled "Jane Fonda Workout" changed the way that people worked out, proving that you didn't need to go to the gym to get in a good sweat session. By the way, the videos still resonate today and you can still work up a sweat with one of Fonda's old school videos thanks to YouTube

Fonda has never been one to shy away from any topic, especially when it comes to beauty and wellness. Even in her 80s, Fonda still finds it important to get in a good workout and there seems to be nothing stopping her. "I have to keep moving because when you get older, it's more critical than when you're young. You have to keep your body moving," she told Well + Good in 2020. "For me, if I don't, not only does my body begin to deteriorate, but so does my mind, and I know that I need those endorphins."

In a 2022 interview, the actor is opened up about the aging process and how she doesn't fear getting old in the most Jane Fonda way possible.

Jane Fonda isn't afraid of being 'closer to death'

Jane Fonda thinks that age ain't nothing but a number. In late April, the 84-year-old actress chatted with CBS Sunday Morning, where she revealed her true feelings on the aging process. "I'm super-conscious that I'm closer to death, and it doesn't really bother me that much." The "Grace and Frankie" star added that the part about aging that bugs her the most are all of her replacements. "My knees are not mine, my hips are not mine, my shoulder's not mine. You're looking at somebody who's only me from [the neck] up," she dished. "The fact that I'm still alive and working. Wow, who cares if I don't have my old joints and I can't ski or bike or run anymore?" Fonda also said that you can "be really old at 60, and you can be really young at 85."

Guess what? That's not the only time she's talked about aging. In an interview with Daily Mail, Fonda insisted that she wouldn't want to turn back the clock. "You could not pay me to be young again. I don't care how much money I was offered; I wouldn't do it," she told the outlet, adding that she hated being young. "I actually felt I started to get old at seven," Fonda said. "After I turned 60, I began to understand who I was, and I became young again. Ahead of her 80th birthday, she said she was "feeling pretty good about life."