Donald Trump's First Post After Elon Musk's Twitter Purchase Has People Going Bonkers

Former President Donald Trump may still be banned from using Twitter, but once a poster, always a poster it seems. Soon after Twitter announced that it had accepted Elon Musk's $44 billion offer to buy the site, Trump appeared on Truth Social — a rival platform he himself created that is marketed toward conservatives. Many people assumed that Trump would begin posting on Truth Social as soon as it was up and running, and some wondered what was taking so long. 

Perhaps Trump had heard the rumors that Musk might remove his Twitter ban. Maybe Trump thought Musk buying Twitter would drive more users onto Truth Social. Maybe Trump was just bored. Whatever the reason, Trump is officially back to posting (via New York Post), writing, in all caps, "I'm back!" with the added hashtag #covfefe, referring to a Twitter typo that once briefly went viral. Meanwhile, back on Twitter, people started going bonkers, to the point where Covfefe started trending again for the first time in years. 

Trump's fans and detractors both had a lot to say

Former President Donald Trump has plenty of fans as well as critics, and both groups had lots to say about his return to social media on Truth Social. From the anti-Trump side, one commenter wrote, "If Trump is back on Truth Social, why are they coming to Twitter to tell us about it?" Another detractor tweeted, "If Truth Social is so hot and Trump's account is on fire why are these folks still here on twitter." One person who's clearly not a fan of the former president tweeted, "Trump posts on Truth Social and his minions go nuts. I'll never, ever, ever understand the attraction to this narcissistic charlatan."

Speaking for the pro-Trump crowd, in addition to high-profile conservatives like Donald Trump Jr., was one Twitter user who wrote, "Let's get #Covfefe trending worldwide to celebrate Trump's return to social media." Another Trump fan tweeted, "I gotta admit I just turned into a squealing teenager when I saw President Trump's post on Trumpet." 

If this is the reaction just one post gets, we have to wonder what will happen when Trump decides to post again.