The Moment In Court Where Johnny Depp Couldn't Hold Back His Laughter

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Johnny Depp is not your typical Hollywood star. Depp is so notoriously private, according to Vanity Fair, that he even bought his own private island in the Caribbean. In an interview with ET back in 1993, the actor also couldn't understand the fan obsession a lot of people had with his personal life. At one point things got so bad for him that some of his fans were digging through his trash. A bewildered Depp said at the time, "Whoever they were, were fascinated with what I might be throwing away in the garbage can," adding, "I've never really been fascinated with anyone's trash before."

If that weren't enough, back in 1999, Depp got so upset when he was dining at a London hotspot with his then-girlfriend Vanessa Paradis that he chased off photographers with a piece of wood. "Johnny Depp is a person who guards his privacy. He had asked photographers to abstain from photographing him. Unfortunately, they persisted and intentionally provoked him," Depp's publicist said about the incident, per the Chicago Tribune.

Fast-forward several decades later and while Depp is still a private man, some of the most intimate and even embarrassing details about his marriage to Amber Heard have seen the light of day thanks to his $50 million defamation case against his ex. But there's one detail about the case that made Depp chuckle, even though it was about perhaps the most private detail of his life.

Johnny Depp's private parts put to question

According to People, Johnny Depp couldn't help but let out a laugh when his bodyguard was asked whether or not he had ever seen the actor's penis in the flesh. During their trial, Amber Heard's lawyer had asked Depp's bodyguard Malcom Connolly if he had seen the actor's exposed penis while he was trying to urinate in the foyer of the ex-couple's Australian rental home. When Connolly said "no," Depp burst out in laughter. When Heard's lawyer pressed on and asked, "Mr. Depp had his penis out, didn't he?" Depp continued to shake his head in disbelief. Connolly added, "I think I would've remembered seeing Mr. Depp's penis."

Then again, it's not like Depp is shy when it comes to being in his birthday suit. Back in 2010, he posed shirtless — and maybe even more — for the February cover of GQ. Depp also stripped down for a threesome with two women in Marilyn Manson's music video for "KILL4ME" in 2017, according to The Sun. Maybe one of the reasons why Depp was laughing is because no one has been paying attention to his back catalogue.