Twitter Named The King And Queen Of The Met Gala Before The Event Even Began

The Met Gala is calling for "Gilded Glamour" in 2022 when it comes to the evening's dress code, which can be exciting, but also intimidating with how often celebrities veer off course in their own inspirations. Guests are tasked to channel looks to reflect the vibe between 1870 and 1890 in New York, per Vogue.

As for the (honorary) co-chairs of the evening, Anna Wintour is present as always along with designer Tom Ford and Instagram head Adam Mosseri. In fact, Ford has had choice words about the special occasion in the past, saying to New York Magazine editor Amy Odell (via Page Six), "It's turned into a costume party." Only time will tell if any chandeliers will be attending ... we're looking at you, Katy Perry

The co-chairs of the 2022 Met Gala were announced to be Regina King, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, and Lin-Manuel Miranda — big names with big personalities that fans would love to see in their best-dressed. Before the event could begin, however, social media took off with chatter on early favorites. Even though there is no big surprise as to who was serving exquisite looks off the bat, the outfits truly speak for themselves.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds lead the fashion ranks

It looks like two co-chairs for one of the biggest nights in fashion were instantly deemed 2022 royalty as they hit the red carpet. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds arrived in highly-anticipated style with big Mom and Dad energy. Lively is no stranger to the Met Gala best-dressed lists — having attended since 2008, according to Vogue — and she effortlessly set the standard for the evening's theme.

"Opera gloves, tiara, and train. Lively does not appear to have any qualms about embracing the Gilded Age theme," New York Times fashion director Vanessa Friedman shared on Twitter. The rose gold blush accented by metallic detailing throughout Lively's bodice and skirt were striking enough, but it wouldn't be the Met Gala without a dramatic wardrobe transformation. A team unveiled the carefully gathered fabric at the actor's waist to reveal a soft teal train, decorated with iridescent, shimmering beading. Copper metallic strokes accented the fresh pop of color — an excellent contrast to the structured, art deco design on the sleek dress beneath. 

Speaking to People at the event, Lively revealed that she "looked to New York City architecture" for inspiration. With the fashion reveal, the Met Gala crowd screamed with delight. One fan on Twitter wrote, "I'm literally in tears at how gorgeous she looks!" Reynolds, on the other hand, kept it classic with a lux velvet tuxedo accented with a gold pocket watch. Will these two ever disappoint in the fashion department?