What Dave Chappelle Really Thought After He Was Attacked On Stage

On May 3, comedian Dave Chapelle was attacked onstage during a stand-up routine. Chapelle was performing as part of Netflix's live comedy festival when an individual rushed onto the stage and pummeled Chapelle — the suspect was carrying a replica handgun which concealed a knife, according to the Los Angeles Times. After security managed to overpower the individual, Chapelle continued his set. 

The suspect has since been identified as Isaiah Lee, and was booked by the LAPD in the early hours of May 4, ABC News reported. Details of what went down after the assault took place are still being gathered, however, multiple sources state that the suspect was chased backstage. In a press release obtained by the New York Post, police stated, "Hollywood Bowl uniformed security officers, who witnessed the incident, engaged the suspect and removed him from the victim and took him into custody."  

Although the "Chappelle's Show" star seemed to brush off the attack and continue performing, new information is surfacing that gives insight into what Chapelle himself makes of the whole incident.

Dave Chapelle 'felt good' that his friends broke the suspect's arm

On May 5, TMZ obtained audio in which Dave Chapelle discussed the attack that took place. In the audio, Chapelle told listeners at the Pendry Hotel in West Hollywood, "I felt good my friends broke his arm. I felt good, how bad does a n***** have to be that Jon Stewart would stomp him!" While Chappelle was glad the attacker got what was coming, he said he was glad it didn't go too far. "Killing that n**** would have been stupid," he said.

TMZ reported that Chapelle thanked those at the after-party, which he hosted alongside Busta Rhymes, and specifically cited friends and security who helped corral the suspect. Chapelle said, "Those are very powerful friends and I'm sharing [this night] with people I love very much." 

Chapelle's spokesperson Carla Sims told TMZ that the star is working with police as they continue their investigation. Sims stated that Chapelle "refuses to allow last night's incident to overshadow the magic of this historic moment," referring to him tying Monty Python's record for most headlined comedy shows at the Hollywood Bowl.