Vanderpump Rules Alum Faith Stowers Seemingly Calls Out Stassi Schroeder's Book Sales

If you're a "Vanderpump Rules" fan, then you're probably well-versed in the beef between Faith Stowers, the only Black SURver to be featured on the show, and Stassi Schroeder, the one-time SUR queen bee who was fired by Bravo in 2020 for falsely calling the police on Stowers. If you're not a "Vanderpump Rules" fan, well, now you know the gist of the feud's origin. 

While everyone involved seemed to have basically moved on with their lives since then, the story was brought back to the surface thanks to the publication of Schroeder's new memoir, titled, "Off With My Head." In the book, Schroeder discusses her issues with Stowers, learning about racism, and getting fired in detail, per E! News. Now, as Schroeder announced on Instagram, the book is a New York Times best-seller. 

So, is Stowers going to let Schroeder get the last word on all of this? Of course not! Schroeder's former coworker and bullying victim appeared to call her out in an Instagram story of her own, that may or may not have also been shading Schroeder's book sales. 

Faith Stowers calls out Stassi Schroeder's white privilege

While she didn't call her out by name, anyone familiar with the "Vanderpump Rules" saga knows exactly who Faith Stowers was talking about in a recent Instagram story. The block of text read (via Us Weekly), "I think it's a sad, sad time for our community when someone can use white privilege to try and destroy you and then use that same privilege to make money off of you." We can't confirm it, but if we had to guess, we'd say Stowers was referring to Stassi Schroeder's white privilege in making a false accusation about her to the police (per The Cut), and then later profiting off of the incident in her memoir. 

If Schroeder saw the shade, there's no evidence of it on her Instagram feed. Instead, Schroeder has been posting mostly just photos from her book tour and cute videos of her baby daughter Hartford. If things do get messy — these are former reality stars after all — we'll be sure to keep you updated.