Stephen Curry And Jordan Poole's Strange On-Court Move Has Everyone Talking

Stephen Curry and Jordan Poole have shown a connection on the court, as the younger guard has followed in Curry's shoes. The University of Michigan alum had a rocky start to his NBA career, as he was initially sent down to the G League by the Golden State Warriors his rookie season, but he was not discouraged. "I personally went down there and looked at it as live reps," Poole said while appearing on ClutchPoints' "Warriors Multiverse" podcast. By his third year, Poole progressed to the point of earning a starting role alongside Curry, who took him under his wing. "First of all, Steph is big bro," Poole said. "I ask him questions, all the time."

In the first round of the 2022 NBA Playoffs, Poole started for the Warriors in place of Curry as the veteran guard came back from injury. Curry thought the young guard made the team more dynamic. "The beauty is that he has been able to balance all of it, the shooting, the driving, and then setting up guys with some crazy passes," the former league MVP said in a press conference following a Game 2 win over the Denver Nuggets.

Poole exploded for 29 points that game, as Curry added 34 coming off the bench, per NBC Sports. Curry was interviewed after the win, and Poole quickly interrupted by grabbing and playfully hugging his teammate, which showed obvious chemistry between the two. Later, the teammates put that chemistry on display with a move that had fans buzzing.

Stephen Curry and Jordan Poole's viral dance move

On May 7, the Golden State Warriors took a 2-1 series lead over the Memphis Grizzlies with a decisive 142-112 win, per NBC Sports. During that dominant performance, one specifically odd-looking play between Stephen Curry and Jordan Poole caught people's attention. The move involved Curry sprinting from the right side while Poole was under the basket appearing to set a screen. Instead, the two interlocked their arms as Curry went by, and the pair spun around in a quick dance of sorts. This helped slingshot Curry back in the direction he came from.

The Warriors' NBC Sports Twitter account posted a clip of the action. "What's this play called?" they wrote with cry-laughing emoji. Fans were eager to name the dance-like move between Curry and Poole. "My first thought was 'egg beaters' because I used to watch my daughters practice this a lot in synchronized skating," one fan replied. "Ring around the Curry," another commented. "It's called the dosey doe, now grab your partner and swing and go!" a Twitter user suggested. While several fans added puns to name the twirling action. "Whirl Poole," one wrote. "Gravitational Poole," another proposed.

Apparently, the unnamed play was not improvised, as Warriors head coach Steve Kerr revealed after the game. "We don't have a name for that, but we used to run it a lot with Steph and Klay [Thompson] the first couple of years," Kerr told reporters, per Yahoo! Sports. Reportedly, the play dated back to 2014.