Bobby Moynihan Reveals How Danny DeVito Completely Terrified Him

Bobby Moynihan is opening up about a past encounter he had with Danny DeVito that caught him a bit off guard. The "Saturday Night Live" alum was on the iconic sketch comedy show for nearly a decade, per IndieWire, and during this time he did many entertaining impressions. In a 2013 "Howard Stern Show" interview, Moynihan stated that his dedication to impersonations is one reason he believes he was cast in the series. "I think that was also part of what got me the show was, I'm not the best impressionist in the world, but I'm willing to go out there and look like an idiot," Moynihan said.

Comedy fans couldn't get enough of Moynihan's "SNL" impressions, which included DeVito, singer Andrea Bocelli, and celebrity restaurateur Guy Fieri. In 2014, Fieri offered his reaction to Moynihan's impression of himself and said he's a big fan of the comedian's work. "I love it," Fieri told Parade. "Whenever [Moynihan has impersonated me], he's texted me the next day to ask how I liked it, and I always tell him he's brilliant." Fieri also stated that he'd love to do a skit on "SNL" alongside Moynihan some day. Aside from Fieri, DeVito has also expressed to Moynihan how he feels about his impressions of himself.

Danny DeVito confronted Bobby Moynihan about his impression

Following Bobby Moynihan's impression of Danny DeVito on "Saturday Night Live," the comedian was met with a big surprise. In a recent interview on "Late Night with Seth Meyers," Moynihan spoke about running into DeVito right after the impersonation aired on "SNL." Moynihan was arriving at a party with two friends from high school when, out of the blue, someone startled him and pulled him to the side.

"I walk past a car, and I get yanked," Moynihan recalled. The "Mr. Mayor" actor initially thought someone was attacking him, but he quickly realized the person who had approached him was DeVito, who was only confronting him in jest. "It's Danny DeVito, and he's like, 'You think it's funny playing me?!' ... And he immediately let go and was like, 'I love you, kid!'" Moynihan said. The former "SNL" cast member then expressed how he felt pleased by the experience and called it an "I've made it" moment.

It should come as no surprise that DeVito was such a good sport about Moynihan's imitation of him, as he laughed along when Jimmy Kimmel did an impression of him on his late night talk show in 2019. Hopefully one day Moynihan and DeVito will collaborate so fans can see these two talented stars work together face to face!