The Big D Season 1 Release Date, Cast, And More Information

Just when you thought there couldn't be any fresh and unique reality dating show ideas left, TBS goes and surprises everybody. The network is releasing a new dating beast, "The Big D," and it looks like it's gonna roar. Think "Couples Therapy" having an affair with "Dating Around" while living on "Temptation Island." 

After suffering COVID lockdown blues and inability to travel anywhere, the promise of a tropical island with turquoise seas and white sandy beaches is sure to pique interest. Add gorgeous women in skimpy bikinis and men in surf shorts flashing their rock hard abs into the mix — all partying hard and downing shots in swimming pools — and temperatures are going to soar. But, the real clincher is the inevitable drama that will be abundant throughout. Especially since the "big D" in question is divorce.

"The social experiment takes on the relationship space with a twist, following recent divorcees as they search for romance in paradise with one catch — their exes will be along for the journey," TBS announced in March 2021. "Watching other people's relationships and rooting for old romances and new couples is addictive," TBS' General Manager Brett Weitz said. The press release promised plenty of unexpected and dramatic shockers as ex-spouses run rampant in paradise on the hunt for a new love — or escape their former one. Well, what could possibly go wrong?

After a year of anticipation, including releasing a teaser video, TBS has finally announced "The Big D" Season 1 release date, cast, and more information.

When does The Big D Season 1 get released?

Grab your remote and get ready for the drama-fest, "The Big D" Season 1 release date is July 7 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. The show follows 10 divorced couples, staying in Costa Rica, where they'll "re-learn how to date and search for love amongst a group of other single divorcees — including their ex," a TBS press release shared.

"Dating is terrifying. Dating alongside your ex while living in the same house could be paralyzing or could help reignite an old flame," TBS' reality TV head honcho Corie Henson said. "'The Big D' has all of the elements of a great relationship series with a bit of a twist. I can't wait to see what happens." Fans will probably feel the same as they tune in to watch the group of divorcees prowling around, flirting, and making out with others in front of their ex-spouses. It's the perfect recipe for drama and cat-fights.

Then there are all the "Ex-ercises" participants are obliged to partake in. The assigned tasks are designed to help the exes move on from their past failed marriages. In addition, the assignments promise to teach them how to get back in the dating saddle again and aid them in being able to "make peace with their former partners." So, who is the "Big D" Season 1 cast that's responsible for reigning in all the inevitable tears, tantrums, and drama?

Who's in the The Big D Season 1 cast?

"The Big D" Season 1 cast is well-versed in the art of finding love in front of the camera. The hosts who'll be "on-hand to help the divorcees get back into the dating game" are veteran reality dating contestants themselves — Jordan Rodgers and JoJo Fletcher. For anybody who's not a dating show aficionado, the two are actually a real-life couple now –- after Rogers got down on one knee and proposed to Fletcher in the Season 12 finale of "The Bachelorette."

The couple had even set a date to walk down the aisle, proving that reality romance can live on after the cameras stop rolling. They were set to say "I do" in June 2020 before COVID wrecked their planned nuptials. "Happy 'What would have been Wedding Day' to us!" Fletcher captioned an Insta photo of the love-struck spouses-to-be, with her massive engagement sparkler front and center. 

Following two more forced cancellations, their wedding day is finally approaching. Per E! News, Fletcher was spotted enjoying her bachelorette bash with pals in March 2022. Fletcher and Rodgers called their decision to host the show a "no-brainer," sharing, "We're excited to go on this adventure in paradise with romantic hopefuls as they step out of their comfort zones and face unconventional dating scenarios in hopes of finding new love."

What else do you need to know about The Big D?

After teasing everybody for a year, TBS finally shared more information on "The Big D" Season 1. The network sent out a press release, including additional details about the new reality dating show. It's not just a bunch of hot, scantily clad divorced couples running around in the sun, hooking up, and partaking in "EX-ercises." There's a competitive element involved in the show, too –- and it sounds like it could prove to be pretty brutal.

At the end of each week's episode, "one person who isn't relationship material" will be 86'd from the luxurious Costa Rican villa that the contestants are staying in and booked on the first flight home. TBS said that "jealous" former partners could play a part in the decision to ax their ex, or, conversely, they might "defend [their] honor." All and everything is a possibility in "The Big D" dating game.

"I came here for two reasons, party and mangos," one of the divorced dudes who's on the look-out to make out shares in the show's official trailer. Although there isn't much evidence of any mango action, the booze is definitely flowing. There are shots and cocktails galore –- in addition to plenty of ripped abs, bountiful bikinis, fights, tears, and drama. "Agh! I'm freaking out right now," a female contestant admits after learning the news that her tropical reality romance journey is going to include her ex-husband coming along on the ride.