Madonna's Bizarre New Project Is Sure To Cause Quite A Stir

Throughout her career, Madonna has embraced controversial moments. Time and time again, the pop star has released eyebrow-raising music videos. Back in 1989, Madonna turned heads with her video for "Like a Prayer." Those visuals not only attracted criticism for the video, but cost the singer a lucrative sponsorship deal with Pepsi at the time, per ET. The following year, the heralded singer was under fire again for her "Justify My Love" video. MTV believed she had crossed the line and decided to not air the video on their station. "It's the interior of a human being's mind," Madonna told The New York Times in 1990 while discussing the banned video. "These fantasies and thoughts exist in every person," she added. Nearly three decades later, Madge once again took heat from critics when she dropped her visuals for the song "God Control" in 2019, per The Atlantic.

More recently, Madonna caused a stir with provocative social media posts. In November 2021, the "Papa Don't Preach" singer took issue with Instagram flagging a photo set she uploaded, as she believed it should be fine for her to slightly expose a nipple. "As if that is the only part of a woman's anatomy that could be sexualized," she wrote in a lengthy Instagram caption while reposting the snaps — albeit censored versions. Madonna's bizarre social media posts continued to garner attention in the following months. But now, the legendary singer's latest video project may be her most controversial endeavor yet.

Madonna's salacious NFTs

Madonna announced she created three fully nude NFTs. The pop icon collaborated with well-known digital artist Beeple, aka Mike Winkelmann. The project involved 3D scans of her body, including her vagina, per the New York Post. The "Express Yourself" singer dubbed the project "Mother of Creation," as she was depicted giving birth to a tree, butterflies, and a robotic centipede in the three clips.

The "Mother of Creation" website included three decidedly unsafe for work animated mockups of how the NFTs would look. In the first one, dubbed "Mother of Nature," there is a detailed close up of Madonna's vagina as a tree sprouts out from her and grows to full size. For the second NFT, titled "Mother of Evolution," the singer is shown fully nude in a post-apocalyptic city as she births butterflies. According to the website, this is a metaphor for creating art, and how it is best to not delay the process. For the third video, "Mother of Technology," Madonna gives birth to a robotic centipede that represents the unstoppable technological evolution.

Once the project was announced, several observers shared their misgivings about the endeavor. "Why tf Madonna got a nude NFT nobody wanna see that," one person tweeted. "This is a bit tragic, really. She's stuck in the 80s, desperate to shock when nothing like this has been shocking for decades," another wrote. Another commented, "I expect broke people to do this but not wealthy people like her."