The One Person Both Kate Beckinsale And Rachel McAdams Dated

Kate Beckinsale is a model and actor who has been linked to a few men in the entertainment industry during her time in the business. She has reportedly dated Pete Davidson, Matt Rife, Michael Sheen, Jack Whitehall, and Goody Grace, according to Us Weekly.  After her long-term relationship with Michael Sheen, she married Len Wiseman in 2004, as reported by People, and everything seemed to be going well for the two. However, in November 2015, a source revealed to the outlet that the couple was no longer together. Wiseman then filed for divorce in 2016 and listed "irreconcilable differences" as the reason for the split. Despite the breakup, the former couple seemed to be on good terms and without any bad blood at the time of their divorce. 

"They are still friendly and spend time together in L.A. when Kate is there. There has been no drama," the source told the outlet. "They have both had complicated schedules and have grown apart."

Fellow actor Rachel McAdams has also dated some men in the spotlight before her long-term romance with boyfriend Jamie Linden. McAdams has been dating the screenwriter since 2016, according to the Daily Mail. But, before starting a family with Linden, McAdams was notably linked to Josh Lucas, Ryan Gosling, and Patrick Sambrook. Besides both Beckinsale and McAdams being actors, they have a few other things in common, including the fact that they share a famous ex-boyfriend. 

Kate and Michael are actively in each other's lives

Michael Sheen is an actor, producer, and political activist. According to IMDb, he is known for his roles in "Twilight" and "Masters of Sex," among dozens of other works. Alongside his lengthy résumé, he's also known as one of Kate Beckinsale's longest relationships. The pair dated for eight years — between 1995 and 2003 — and started a family together, according to Us Weekly, but never married. Beckinsale and Sheen share a daughter, Lily Mo Sheen, who was born in 1999. The pair are still close due to co-parenting their daughter and spending holidays together. 

In December 2018, she posted a photo on Instagram of herself leaning on Sheen while lying down on a couch during Christmas time. However, things were not always that comfy for the couple following their split. Sheen opened up about life right after the breakup on the podcast "Changes With Annie Macmanus" and revealed, "Going through that experience of a relationship breaking down and having a young child, and then because of my daughter and her mum living in another country, having to make a life in a new place whilst going through that whole experience which is difficult enough — that was really tough." 

After taking some time to heal, things got better. Beckinsale told Evening Standard magazine, "It's so normal for us," she said. "We split up ages ago. We have been not together far longer than we were ever together. But I really love him and like him and we make each other roar with laughter."

Rachel and Michael make things official

Rachel McAdams met Michael Sheen while they were both on set for the film "Midnight in Paris," according to People. However, she revealed to The Sunday Telegraph's Stella magazine, via USA Today, that they did not date while filming the movie, and developed a friendship first. They later confirmed their relationship in 2011, eight years after his breakup with Kate Beckinsale. McAdams and Sheen dated for two years, but People confirmed their split in 2013.

A source told People, "Rachel wants to settle down and is dreaming of having a family. Michael always seemed content with their relationship. Since he already has a daughter, he feels no need to have more children. He wants to focus on his career." The source confirmed that they were still in contact and on good terms, but that different goals for the future ultimately caused them to part ways. The former couple was at two separate phases of their lives at the time and couldn't see eye-to-eye. And yet again, there seemed not to be any bad blood between the two, which the insider confirmed. 

While Beckinsale is most likely seeing a lot more of Sheen than McAdams these days, it seems as though all of the exes have moved on and found their own happiness throughout the years.