Hayden Panettiere's First Film In Nearly 10 Years Sees Her Return To A Fan-Favorite Role

Hayden Panettiere is soon-to-be back on the big screen! As a former child actor, Panettiere was in numerous movies as she grew up in front of our eyes. These include "Remember the Titans," "Ice Princess," and the 2000s teen comedy, "I Love You, Beth Cooper."

Another part Panettiere scored as her career continued to soar was the character Kirby Reed in "Scream 4." In a 2011 interview with PopSugar Entertainment, Panettiere described Kirby as "a very different character" than she was used to playing. "She's a bit of a tomboy," the actor said. "She's got that edge to her, that dry, sarcastic sense of humor, which I loved playing." 

Believe it or not, Panettiere's last role was on the TV series "Nashville" in 2018, and her last major theatrical movie role was in 2015's "The Forger" alongside John Travolta, per IMDb. The news recently broke, however, that Panettiere will return to the big screen in a part that will be familiar to horror fans.

Hayden Panettiere will be back for the sixth Scream film

The next role we'll see Hayden Panettiere take on is a throwback to one of her popular past portrayals. Followers of the "Scream" movies will be pleased to hear that Panettiere is set to again play Kirby Reed for the next film in the franchise, per Deadline. Actors who were in the last "Scream" movie will be starring opposite Panettiere, like Melissa Barrera and Mason Gooding. Principal photography is set to begin in the summer. 

It's been over a decade since Panettiere played Kirby in "Scream 4," and this venture will mark her first big screen role in eight years. In 2011, Panettiere spoke about what it was like to star in a retelling of the "Scream" films 15 years after the first movie had been made. "As generations go on, they just get smarter and harder to scare," Panettiere said to Collider. "It's a very cool movie and a fun thing to be a part of." 

This latest iteration comes after the fifth "Scream" installment, which was released in January, earned a total of $140 million globally, per Box Office Mojo. If history repeats itself, Panettiere will have a triumphant return to acting as moviegoers flock to see her revisit her "Scream" character.