How Nicole Kidman Was Just Majorly Snubbed During A Tribute To Tom Cruise

Back in the day, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman were slaying the Hollywood #CoupleGoals. They met on "Days of Thunder" in 1990. Cruise was already a major star, with a long list of box-office hits under his belt, including "Risky Business," "Top Gun," and "Born on the Fourth of July." Whereas it was Kidman's U.S. breakout role. However, despite their career and celeb disparity, it was love at first sight.

"He basically swept me off my feet," Kidman told Vanity Fair in 2002. "I fell madly passionately in love." Meanwhile, Cruise admitted to the mag, "There was that special connection when you recognize your soul mate." At the time, he was already deeply involved in Scientology. Cruise's first wife, Mimi Rogers, introduced him to the controversial religion. However, despite Kidman being a devout Catholic, they were married by the end of the year. The couple adopted two children, daughter Isabella and son Connor.

Per Daily Beast, Kidman tried to get on board with the religion. Still, after two grueling years of studying and auditing, she walked away, and Cruise reportedly followed her. Not surprisingly, the head of Scientology, David Miscavige, was allegedly furious, branding Kidman an "SP" (suppressive person). Miscavige allegedly vowed to split up Cruise's marriage, bring him back into the fold, and banish Kidman from Cruise and the kids' lives forever. In 2001, the couple split. Scientology Cruise was back with a vengeance and a mission — resulting in how Kidman was majorly snubbed during a recent tribute to the star.

Nicole Kidman was left out of Tom Cruise's Cannes tribute

Nicole Kidman was just majorly snubbed during a tribute to Tom Cruise because she's persona non grata in the Scientology world. Following their divorce in 2011, David Miscavige reportedly worked hard to drive a permanent wedge among Kidman, Cruise, and their two kids. They were allegedly encouraged to break off all contact with Kidman, who is now an "SP," after leaving Scientology. The actor was literally cut out of their lives.

Kidman was also literally cut out of a celebratory tribute to Cruise during the Cannes Film Festival. On May 18, Variety reported there was no sight nor sound of Kidman during the 10-minute-long montage of Cruise's movies throughout his career. Which had to have been intentional, given that the couple starred in three films together, "Days of Thunder," "Far and Away," and Stanley Kubrick's "Eyes Wide Shut." Clips from the three flicks were included in the tribute, but Kidman didn't appear in any scenes.

Kidman reportedly managed to maintain a degree of contact with her children. However, she rarely sees or speaks about them. She ultimately moved on to marry country music star Keith Urban. They share two daughters, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret. Meanwhile, Cruise couch jumped, duked it out with Matt Lauer and Brooke Shields, and married Katie Holmes. Holmes filed for divorce in 2012, blindsiding everyone, her husband included. Despite rumors and reports of Cruise dating again, nothing has been confirmed, and he still maintains strong ties to Scientology.