Here's Where You Know The Cast Of The Time Traveler's Wife From

"The Time Traveler's Wife" is an HBO romantic drama series. It's based on the 2003 romantic science fiction novel of the same name by Audrey Niffenegger. "Doctor Who" writer and "Sherlock" co-creator Steven Moffat helms the TV show. He revealed to The New York Post that he jumped at the opportunity to work on it because he is a huge fan of Niffenegger's book and it's the kind of story you don't see on the screen very much. "Audrey does something very unusual. She takes the story of an absolutely happy marriage ... [but] I think by using time travel, Audrey does a thing that allows you to remember on every page that love is inextricably linked to loss." he said.

The novel was previously adapted as a feature film in 2009, but this series will follow the plot of the book rather than that adaptation. The film's cast (Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana) will not reprise their roles. Instead, Rose Leslie plays Clare Abshire and Theo James is the new time traveler Henry DeTamble. Casting is not the only thing changing in this adaptation, though. Speaking to Express, Caitlin Shorey (who plays the teenage version of Clare) revealed that the series is "much darker" than the Robert Schwentke-directed film.

"The Time Traveler's Wife" is split into six hour-long episodes for the first season. The first episode premiered on HBO Max on May 15, 2022, so let's dig in and see where you know the cast of "The Time Traveler's Wife" from.

The Time Traveler's Wife isn't Theo James' first romantic drama

Theo James plays Henry DeTamble, the titular time traveler in Steven Moffat's series. Henry has a genetic "condition" that gives him the ability to travel to the past or future, but he can't control it. The 37-year-old actor plays two versions of the character — one in the present where he's an hasty young man in his mid-to-late-20s and the other when he's in his mid-40s and more grown-up. "It's great that I'm in between [those ages]," he explained to TV Insider, "[because] I'm young enough to remember my stupid self, and the mistakes I made, and the cockiness, and the dumb, impulsive decisions. And I'm old enough to imagine a more settled sense of self, hopefully a little bit longer in the tooth, and a little more thoughtful with my actions."

James might be best known for his action movie roles (playing Four in the "Divergent" series and David in the "Underworld" franchise), however, he's no stranger to romantic dramas. The British actor had a main role in the first season of the historical romantic drama "Sanditon" in 2019. He played Sidney Parker in the series, which is based on Jane Austen's unfinished novel manuscript of the same name. James told Collider he enjoyed playing the somewhat unlikable character because of how much he then evolves. "The great thing about TV is that you can really play that, over eight hours of television, where someone who seems very guarded and is quite judgmental, changes and evolves, and you get to see a different person."

Rose Leslie switched accents for her role

Opposite Theo James' Henry DeTamble is Rose Leslie's Clare Abshire. Clare's known her future husband all her life (as a young girl, the future mid-40s version of Henry would visit her, sort of like an imaginary friend), but the series begins when she and Henry meet for the first time in the present, when Clare is 20 and Henry is 28. "[Henry]'s always had this pivotal role in her life as a figure of love and hope," Leslie explained to TV Insider. However, the series really focuses on Clare's experience. "As she grows up, we see that she is constantly juggling these two scenarios in her life. Who is she when Henry is around? And then, who is she when Henry has disappeared? And I just found that very, very interesting to play."

The Scottish star has acted in many different accents — from Ygritte's northern drawl in "Game of Thrones," to Gwen Dawson's refined English in "Downton Abbey" (which is her actual voice), and now Clare's American diction. These aforementioned series are Leslie's most notable roles, but in the years since Ygritte was killed off of "GoT," Leslie has nabbed roles in movies like "Death on the Nile" and "Morgan." For the former, which was directed by Sir Kenneth Branagh, Leslie's character, Louise Bourget, spoke with a French accent. To prepare for the part, she visited her sister in France and practiced the accent "to make it as authentic and real as possible," per Digital Spy.

Desmin Borges brings some comedy to The Time Traveler's Wife

Gomez is one of Clare's best friends. He's "fiercely honorable" (despite secretly being a little bit in love with her) and over the years he becomes Henry's best friend too, per HBO. "Private Life" actor Desmin Borges plays this entertaining character.

Borges is best known for his TV roles and you might remember him as the Iraq War veteran Edgar Quintero from the FX series "You're the Worst." The series ran from 2014 to 2019 and he appeared in all 62 of the show's episodes. Borges's character Edgar suffered from PTSD as a result of his time in the army, and this is something that the actor was proud to portray on screen. "We as a show give voice to the voiceless ... we are telling a very different vet story than we've ever seen on television before," he told Vulture. Borges also opened up to the outlet about research he did for the role, explaining that he learned a lot from war vets and family friends who opened up to him about their experiences with PTSD.

When the series ended, Borges bagged a recurring role as Dan in the comedy-drama "Living with Yourself," alongside Paul Rudd and Aisling Bea. Latterly, he's been racking up credits as Wilson Wilson in the science fiction drama "Utopia." Though he often stars in dramas, Borges always brings a bit of comedy to his roles — which will definitely be the case in "The Time Traveler's Wife."

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Natasha Lopez is pretty new to acting, but you might have seen her before

"Gomez's long-suffering girlfriend" Charisse (as described by HBO) is played by Natasha Lopez. Charisse is also Clare's roommate and "closest confidante." Lopez told Instyle Mexico that she's excited about this role, which she got as part of an open casting. She went on to say that everyone needs a best friend like Charisse in their lives and praised her character for being incredibly honest. Since she and Gomez eventually find out about Henry's time traveling abilities, you can expect her to drop a few home truths on Clare later in the series.

The Puerto Rican actor's career is just getting started, and she only has a few credits to her name so far. However, they're still pretty impressive. She had a brief stint on "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" as Gabriela Montes in 2019 and a supporting role in the Ben Affleck, Justin Timberlake, and Gemma Arterton-led film "Runner Runner" before that.

"The Time Traveler's Wife" is Lopez's biggest role to date and she has rightly been celebrating the series and her casting on social media. "What feels like a lifetime of work has come to fruition!" she wrote on Instagram.

Taylor Richardson has racked up some impressive credits in her decade-long career

American actor Taylor Richardson will play Clare's younger sister Alicia Abshire. While Richardson bears a striking resemblance to a young Rose Leslie, Alicia is her own person and "is trying to find her place in the world," per HBO. They have a strong sisterly bond, though; Alicia looks up to her big sister and goes to Clare for help and advice.

If you're a fan of period dramas, you've probably seen Richardson on the small screen before. She's been playing Bridget in the second season of "The Gilded Age." Playing Bridget in the HBO series is one of her most notable TV credits, but the actor also has a handful of film credits under her belt. She's appeared in movies like "All Together Now," "Slender Man," and "Jack of the Red Hearts." The latter was such a unique role for Richardson. "I knew that I wanted to play Glory because I've never had a role like her before, and I don't think I'll ever have a role like her again," she said in an interview with Shock Ya. The actor played Glory Adams, an 11-year-old girl who's severely autistic. Though she's not the main character, the film takes the time to portray life from Glory's perspective. "After reading the script, and speaking with Janet Grillo, our director, I knew that I wanted to share this beautiful story," Richardson said.

Richardson started her professional acting career playing Duffy, and then Annie, in the 2012 Broadway revival of "Annie: The Musical."

Michael Park is an impressive addition to The Time Traveler's Wife cast

Prolific stage and television actor Michael Park plays Clare's father Philip Abshire in "The Time Traveler's Wife." He's described as a "high-powered Chicago lawyer" who is also a strict father, per HBO. Viewers will no doubt recognize the former star who's appeared in a variety of genres of television programmes throughout his career. In 2019, he joined the cast of "Stranger Things" and played Tom Holloway in the show's third season. Before that, he had recurring roles in "Chicago P.D." and "House of Cards." However, if you watched daytime TV in the late-90s and throughout the 2000s, you'll probably recognize Park as Jack Snyder from "As the Word Turns." He, along with "General Hospital" star Maura West, brought one of the greatest soap couples to the screen.

In 2016, Park returned to Broadway, originating in "Tuck Everlasting" and "Dear Evan Hansen." He played Larry Murphy in the second of those productions, a role which he told Broadway World helped him grow as a parent. He explained, "As guarded and as distant as Larry Murphy is, it makes me all the more open and connected to my children."

You may also know the actor from some of his smaller guest roles. He played Jim Gordon's (Ben McKenzie) father Peter in an episode of "Gotham" and took on the role of Inspector Keith Sullivan in an episode of "Blue Bloods."

Jaime Ray Newman is a staple on the small screen

Academy Award-winning actor Jaime Ray Newman plays Clare's "emotionally aloof" mom, Lucille Abshire, in "The Time Traveler's Wife," per HBO. Lucille has often taken her parenting lead from her controlling husband, Philip, and viewers will see in a brief childhood flashback that Lucille is quite checked out of her children's lives, in contrast to her husband's forceful presence. Newman was one of the last additions to "The Time Traveler's Wife" cast, but she celebrated her announcement on Instagram, saying, "[I'm] honored to join this magnificent cast to tell this emotional story."

Whatever your preferred genre of TV, Newman has done it all. From soaps like "General Hospital," to science fiction like "Stargate Atlantis," to drama-thrillers like "Red Widow," to superhero action shows like "The Punisher." She even previously worked with "The Time Traveler's Wife" director David Nutter on "Eastwick." More recently Newman has starred in miniseries like "Little Fires Everywhere" and "Dopesick."

Alongside acting, Newman has also collaborated on several projects with her filmmaker husband, Guy Nattiv. In 2018, the pair produced the short film "Skin," which won the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film. She had a great experience working behind the scenes, rather than in front of the camera. "Working with my husband was very natural ... we're very similar people with very similar taste and it was just totally easy," she gushed to The Upcoming.

You might recognize Peter Graham from one if his impressive guest roles

Peter Graham plays Mark Abshire, Clare's older brother, who's studying to be a lawyer like their father. "So thrilled to be joining this dream team!" the actor wrote on Twitter to celebrate his casting. Clare shares a close relationship with her sister Alicia, but according to HBO, that's not the case with Mark, so viewers should expect to see some family tension on the screen. In the first episode, the characters are briefly depicted as children, and Clare interacts with her sister Alicia (Adeline Turco) fondly, but avoids Mark (Finn Brown) and their father.

Before joining the cast of "The Time Traveler's Wife," Graham had a main role in "O.T.P." He also served as an executive producer on the web series which is described as a show "about friendship ... and smutty Hobbit fan fiction," per Twitter. Graham's TV career has only gotten busier since the web series ended, and he's gone on to bag some pretty high-profile guest roles in shows like "The Resident," "Will & Grace," and "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit." He almost even earned an Emmy nomination for playing Trevor in one episode of "Will & Grace." "At the beginning of the pandemic I was lying in bed stress-eating a full sleeve of Oreos when I got an email that the producers of Will & Grace wanted to submit me for an Emmy nomination," he admitted on Instagram before adding, "I laughed. I cried. I finished the Oreos."

Everleigh McDonell and Caitlin Shorey are in the early stages of their careers

Everleigh McDonell and Caitlin Shorey play younger versions of Clare Abshire. McDonell will play the youngest version of Rose Leslie's character. You might be wondering where you recognize this young actor from. McDonell has already appeared in a popular Netflix TV series. She played Jane Boland in "Good Girls" alongside Christina Hendrix and Matthew Lillard, who played her parents. The young star has shared regular updates about her role in "The Time Traveler's Wife" on social media, celebrating this dream role. "Joining the HBO family at 8 years old has been a true dream come true. Being Clare Abshire has been unreal!" she gushed on Instagram, adding that she's so happy to be starring in an adaptation of her mom's favorite book.

Viewers will meet McDonell's Clare as a six-year-old when the future version of Henry first comes to visit her in the meadow outside her house. Theo James appears to her as the older versions of his character (from around his 30s to mid-40s) and later in the show's first episode, Leslie's version of Clare reveals Henry visited her 152 times during her childhood and adolescence.

Shorey will take over the character for Clare's teenage years. "I really enjoyed trying to bring Clare's emotions and conflicts to the screen to help tell this amazing story," the actor said to Naluda Magazine. This is Shorey's first professional acting role. "I learned so much every day on set and really became comfortable being in front of the camera," she added.

Jason David and Brian Altemus play younger versions of the time traveler

Two actors will also play the younger versions of Henry DeTamble, with Jason David portraying him as a child and Brian Altemus playing him during his teenage years. Viewers will meet David's version of the character at seven-years-old, which is the age Henry was when he time-traveled for the first time. The pre-teen actor has racked up a hefty stack of TV credits, which include almost fifty episodes of "General Hospital," "NOS4A2," and "For All Mankind."

Altemus will take on the adolescent iteration of the character. The model transitioned into acting in 2020, appearing in "Never Rarely Sometimes Always" and "Grand Army" before he joined the cast of "The Time Traveler's Wife." "I read this script on a plane and cried like a baby," he said on Instagram, adding, "I had an enormous amount of fun filming this."

Part of Henry's condition means he travels back to people and places that feel familiar, so just as he visits Clare as a child, he also visits himself. So, viewers can expect both David and Altemus to have scenes with Theo James, which is only slightly less confusing than the scenes James has with himself.

Kate Siegel swapped horror projects for a romantic drama

Actor and screenwriter Kate Siegel plays Henry's mother Annette DeTamble, who viewers will get to know through flashbacks. She was an opera singer and is described by HBO as being the "heart and soul" of the DeTamble family before she died in a car crash while Henry is a young boy.

A romantic drama marks a change in tone for Seigel, whose acting credits include mostly horror projects. You might recognize her from "Ouija: Origin of Evil," "The Haunting of Hill House," or its sequel "The Haunting of Bly Manor." Although it's by no means a horror series, "The Time Traveler's Wife" does enjoy a few darker moments (queue the pool of blood that spontaneously appears on Henry's floor in the first episode). So, perhaps it's not a total departure from Siegel's usual work.

It was Steven Moffat's involvement which drew her to the series. His projects "are ones that I'm excited to share with my children," she explained in an interview with Inverse. "Stories about hope and stories about love and stories about overcoming difficulty and how the world can be a terrible place. But somehow we all find ourselves in it. So let's do the best we can."

Josh Stamberg is a triple threat in the entertainment industry

"WandaVision" star Joshua "Josh" Stamberg plays Henry's father, Richard DeTamble. Richard's not a bad man, or a bad father, but he's never been the same since the death of his wife.

Stamberg worked on a variety of film, TV and theater projects before joining the cast of "The Time Traveler's Wife" — from "Pacific Rim: Uprising" to "Parenthood" to "Nashville." But it's probably his role as Max Cadman in "The Affair" that he's best known for. Viewers have probably never seen more of Stamberg than in the second season of the series, which required the actor to lay himself bare for a full frontal scene. "The important question to me, as a theater actor or really any actor, is: what is the pertinence? Does this move the story and why? I had a lot of qualms about how this helped and wanted to be sure it wasn't just a gimmick  ... [but] I think it all plays and makes sense," he explained to Entertainment Weekly.

"The Affair" ended in 2019, but before long, Stamberg was cast in "WandaVision," Marvel's first Phase 4 TV series on Disney+. He played S.W.O.R.D. Director Tyler Hayward. The nine-episode miniseries left his character's fate open and, speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Stamberg admitted he'd be surprised (and disappointed) if he didn't reappear somewhere else in the MCU sooner or later.

Chelsea Frei, Will Brill, Marcia DeBonis, and Spencer House round out The Time Traveler's Wife's supporting cast

Chelsea Frei, Will Brill, Marcia DeBonis, and Spencer House round out the cast of "The Time Traveler's Wife," Deadline confirms. They each play characters with connections to either Clare or Henry's past, but, as of this writing, they'll probably only appear in one or two episodes apiece.

Chelsea Frei has made a name for herself starring in "Dollface," "The Moodys," and "The Addams Family." In "The Time Traveler's Wife" she's playing Henry's ex-girlfriend Ingrid. During the first episode, Henry technically refers to her as his current girlfriend, which, of course, doesn't go down well with Clare. However, she's got an ex-boyfriend of her own and there's probably going to be some drama there. The unnamed character is played by Will Brill, who's most notable roles to date have been playing Noah Weissman in "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" and Scott Brown in "The O.A."

Former "Orange is the New Black" star Marcia DeBonis plays Nell, the housekeeper at the Abshire family home. You might also recognize her as Lorraine in "Letters to Juliet." And, last but not least, is Spencer House, who you might know from "Teenage Bounty Hunters," "Space Force," or "Jessica Jones." House plays Jason, "a tall, muscular and good looking classmate of Clare's who becomes embroiled in a heated situation with Henry," per HBO. Another of Clare's former love interests, perhaps? These supporting cast members are certainly putting the "romantic" in romantic drama.