Tiger Woods Gets People Talking With Yet Another Hot Mic Moment

Tiger Woods has people talking once again, this time for a somewhat frosty moment on the golf course involving a hot mic. But it's certainly not the first time the star has been caught on camera saying something he maybe wished he hadn't. While playing during The Masters in April (marking his much anticipated return to golf in the wake of that scary car accident), Woods made a bit of a faux par when he seemingly forgot he was all mic'd up before dropping a dramatic F bomb. Whoopsie. That came after the athlete hit a bogey on the course, but then accidentally whacked the ball into the trees. Double whoopsie.

That's far from the only time Woods' heated behavior on the course has caused some controversy, though. In fact, fans have even compiled videos of some of the golfer's, well, less than composed moments let's say, which includes footage of him cursing, banging his clubs on the ground, and looking all round annoyed on the green.

But it's a moment captured during the 2022 PGA Championship that has everyone talking this time, after Woods' made a request. Several times, in fact.

Give Tiger Woods some room!

Footage of Tiger Woods asking a cameraman to move away from him caused quite the stir on social media on May 19, as it showed himĀ during theĀ PGA Championship in Oklahoma being followed by a cameraman. And Woods clearly thought they were doing a bit of a subpar job. "Would you mind giving me some breathing space, please?" the sportsman asked, repeating himself after they didn't move far enough away for his liking. Woods then followed up on the request a third time, asking, "Could you back off a little bit and give me some breathing space?" while ushering the person further back.

Of course, Twitter had plenty to say in support of and against the father of two. "Having a hard supporting Tiger on this one. Cameraman doing his job and frankly not on top of him in no way. Tiger was clearly not happy with his play and leg struggle so he lashed out," one person tweeted. Another chimed in, "Tiger Woods has amazed and delighted the international community for years. He's spent years of his life perfecting his incredible skill. So give the man some gosh darn room."

Woods spoke out about his performance in the tournament one day later, but didn't mention the interaction. "There's a mission. The mission is to go ahead and win this thing somehow and I know sometimes it doesn't exactly feel well but, hey, that's what it is. That's life, that's sports," he told ESPN.