Bethenny Frankel Causes A Stir With Feisty Comments On Amber Heard

Bethenny Frankel has never been afraid of stirring the pot and standing her ground. The former "Real Housewives of New York" OG was outspoken and controversial during her time on the Bravo reality hit. Frankel was renowned for speaking her mind, often landing her front and center of (the never-ending) drama, arguments, and fights. It also resulted in her becoming a fan-favorite.

Frankel had a rollercoaster ride throughout her eight seasons on the show. She got married, then fought a nasty, contentious divorce and messy custody battle over daughter Bryn. Frankel started her emergency crisis BStrong non-profit. She launched her "Skinnygirl Martini" business which grew into a hugely successful and lucrative empire that eventually sold for a reported $100 million. So, no longer needing a paycheck, when all the backstabbing became too much for her, Frankel was out the door in 2019. "I have decided to leave the 'Housewives' franchise to explore my next chapter," she told Variety.

"I didn't want to be having those conversations; I didn't want to be arguing about things that really don't matter to me," Frankel told Paris Hilton on her "This is Paris" podcast in 2021 (via People). (Interesting fact of the day: Frankel used to be Hilton's nanny.) However, just because she's no longer on "RHONY" doesn't mean the Real Housewife-turned-entrepreneur no longer likes to show off her shady side. And that's precisely what she's done, as Bethenny Frankel caused a stir with her comments on Amber Heard.

Bethenny Frankel shades Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

Everyone and their dog has an opinion on the war of the Depps. Bethenny Frankel certainly has, and she's caused a stir with her feisty comments on Amber Heard. Frankel is kind of/ sort of/actually not at all #TeamJohnny as the divorcees continue exposing disturbing things and embarrassing, intimate secrets in the courtroom. Frankel entered the fray in "Just B with Bethenny Frankel."

She branded Heard "the craziest woman that's walked this planet." However, Frankel definitely wasn't flying the flag for Depp either. "Amber Heard is so off base, she makes Johnny Depp seem normal," Frankel captioned the rant she posted on TikTok. "[Depp] looks like a hero, only in a relationship with [Heard]," she kicked off. Frankel claimed he'd "be anointed Gandhi and the Pope" because of Heard. She predicted that despite Depp's behavior and many alleged flaws and faults, he'd still come out the winner "in this crazy villain story."

Not surprisingly, Frankel's video stirred everybody up. The 5,600-plus comments were firmly divided. One listener said, "Nope. You're off on this one," to which Frankel clapped back: "Nope. I'm not. It's my opinion and my podcast." Another said that Depp "texted words I wouldn't say to my worst enemies." Others noted that "I think he's being labeled a 'hero' because he's opening the door for men to open up about being abused," while another said, "I agree it was a toxic relationship, but I think she 100% was the aggressor."