Why Jason Momoa's Latest Photo Has People Worried About His Health

To be one of Hollywood's top action stars, Jason Momoa has to do a lot more than just show up to the set looking cool. The "Aquaman" star works hard to keep his body in peak physical condition, which doesn't just help him look the part of a real-life superhero, the actor also performs his own stunts.

In fact, Momoa does so many high-risk moves that his trainer, Damian Viera, crafts special workouts around his action sequences to make it less likely that the actor will suffer an injury. "It's a matter of deconstructing the stunts and putting the body into that space, that framework," Viera told Men's Journal. "The more often you put the body in that space, with that stress, the more comfortable it becomes — the body itself evolves." But all that prep doesn't always protect Momoa from getting hurt. While filming the Apple TV+ series "See," he suffered a bicep injury that was bad enough that it required surgery, per Men's Health. However, he didn't let his recovering muscle prevent him from hitting the weight room when he headed to Italy to film "Fast X," the latest movie in the "Fast & Furious" franchise. On May 14, 2022, Momoa shared an Instagram video of himself carefully doing curls "It sucks, it's taken a long time to get back," he said of his injury.

Days later, the "Game of Thrones" star shared a photo on Instagram that had his fans seriously concerned.

Jason Momoa needed an MRI

On May 22, 2022, Jason Momoa posted a photo on Instagram that showed him getting an MRI of his head. He didn't share any details about why he needed the scan, but his caption seemed to indicate that something happened to him at work. "You got to break some eggs to make an omelette," he wrote. "Aloha j. thankful for my ohana and friends." The actor's friends and fans took to the comments section to express their concern. "Oh no!" wrote his "Justice League" co-star Gal Gadot. "You alright dude?" asked "Halo" actor Pablo Schreiber.

According to Healthline, MRIs of the head can be used to diagnose a number of health issues, including hemorrhaging, swelling, and problems related to past head trauma. Unfortunately for Momoa, he's suffered a few head injuries in the past. One of them occurred when he was performing his own stunt work in the 2018 movie Braven. "I got knocked out," he told Yahoo! Entertainment. "A stunt guy hit me. He blindsided me. We didn't make eye contact, and he hit me before I could grab for him, and everything went black." Momoa woke up in the hospital.

And as the actor recalled to Access Hollywood in 2011, one of his most famous physical features, the scar on his left eyebrow, is the result of someone smashing him in the face with a glass. Maybe it's time for Momoa to trade his fast and furious lifestyle for a little R&R?