The Bizarre Reason A Johnny Depp Fan Was Kicked Out Of His Trial

If there are three words that can be used to describe Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's libel trial, it's drama, drama, and, you guessed it, drama. The harrowing courtroom events between the former married couple have been livestreamed across the world as the long trial plays out, with plenty of sordid details about the twosome's time together making its way into the public sphere. 

As for some of the most shocking and dramatic reveals during the already infamous Depp Vs. Heard trial? Depp has opened up about the abuse he went through as a child, while Heard spoke about her own experiences with abuse. The trial also brought to light some more lighthearted surprises, such as the fact that Depp has actually never seen any of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies, despite his role as Captain Jack Sparrow being one of his most famous.

Seeing as the trial is so openly available to keep up with online via an ongoing livestream, it's also inspired plenty of speculation and chatter from the court of public opinion — but not everyone has been watching along from home. In fact, one fan actually ventured to the infamous trial to show their support in person. Only, that didn't exactly turn out too well.

A courtroom crasher claimed she had Johnny Depp's baby

Just when we thought the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial couldn't get any more shocking, it actually got more shocking. During a break in the courtroom on June 23 in which the judge had temporarily left the room, a fan of Depp's made quite the raucous after claiming she had given birth to the star's baby. Really. "Johnny I love you! Our souls are connected!" the woman shouted, according to Law & Crime Network's Angenette Levy, who also claimed the woman held up her child and yelled, "This baby is yours!" Depp responded to the shouting by turned around and waving, though the woman was removed from the courtroom. Yeesh.

The trial that just keeps on giving has already seen more than its fair share of newsworthy moments, including famous faces sharing their two cents. Depp's former lover and co-star Ellen Barkin is one of those who has spoken about her own experiences with the actor on the stand (the star appeared via video call), while another of Depp's former lovers, Kate Moss, is also expected to speak out during the trial, per Daily Mail. Depp is suing Heard for $50 million, claiming defamation over an article, while both have accused the other of abuse multiple times.

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