How Many Couples From Wife Swap Are Actually Still Together?

Based on a British show that shares the same name, "Wife Swap" made its debut on ABC in the early 2000s. The concept was brief and to the point: find families who are complete opposites of each other, and give them two weeks to trade places. As was expected, when the weight of clashing religious and political beliefs, warring hygiene levels, different financial expectations, and incompatibility came crushing, what ensued made for perfect television. Through "Wife Swap," the audience secured front-row seats to the display of a myriad of personalities and some significantly messy stories that came up much later.

During its 12-season run, the show was not spared from controversy as far as its cast members are concerned. Up until "Wife Swap" was canceled, its production was slapped with a number of legal battles, including a $100 million lawsuit by Alicia Guastafarro, who claimed that the network and production "intentionally and knowingly caused severe emotional and psychological harm to a fragile 15-year-old." Similarly, Heidi Herrington, who appeared on the show when she was in her early twenties, labeled it the "worst mistake" of her life (via Daily Mail). On a heavier note, Jacob Stockdale, who appeared on the show alongside his family in Season 4, was charged with the murder of his mother and brother. Out of the families that appeared on the show, most couples have ended up in divorce. A handful, however, have survived the tides of time.

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The Haller-Wren family celebrated their 20th anniversary in 2019

In Season 6 of "Wife Swap," the audience was introduced to Reuben Haller and McKenzie Wren, who boldly embodied a free-spirited life in a material world. Theirs was a smooth-flowing ride governed by creativity and equality. In Wren's own words, the family was "a little joy pod traveling through space." Her husband, on the other hand, let it be known that they lived by a simple mantra: "let your freak flag fly."

The Haller-Wren family was paired with the Spencers, whose matriarch Debbie was, in the eyes of her husband, Mike, "the best waitress in the country." She had figured out how to manage her football-loving family's mealtime and had every detail of their lives mapped out. Financially, Debbie Spencer was at the top of her game. Speaking to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution soon after the exercise, Wren admitted that she was in awe of the Spencers' fiscal organization. "The Spencers had retirement accounts and their futures all planned out," Wren told the publication. On the flip side, she thought the Spencer children were being groomed to live based on the choices of their parents, as opposed to looking at a world beyond what they already knew. "They have no curiosity about the larger world. That is very sad."

It's been 12 years since the Wrens' appearance on "Wife Swap." They have stayed true to their philosophy of trotting the globe of the soul and announced the celebration of their 20th anniversary in 2019.

Amy and Jeff from the Beaver family are now TikTok sensations

At first glance, the Beavers were quite the sight, given the way Jeff wore his dreadlocks. Amy was passionate about all things environment, and firmly held the opinion that children should be independent. They swapped places with the Smoaks family, whose patriarch was wowed by Amy in a way that he wanted her to stick around longer. The Smoaks were fascinating in their own way, having 55 members sharing the same space.

In a 2021 YouTube video by the couple's daughter Emily, Amy and Jeff answered their fans' burning questions regarding their time at "Wife Swap." Getting on the show, they said, was a very fast process for the Beavers. "It happened so quickly. I had an agent, like an online agency I was using. I found the casting call, I applied for it, [and I] literally hit send and the phone rang," Amy disclosed.

A lot of time has gone by since the 2004 episode aired. Jeff's dreadlocks are nowhere in sight. The couple maintains that their parenting style has evolved, and so has the atmosphere in the bedroom. The Beaver family has become a favorite on TikTok (largely because Jeff has always been ahead of his time,) thanks to their modeling of Emily's crochet creations.

Dena Anne Weiner and Keith are 'still going strong'

Upon stepping into the Weiner household during the 6th episode of Season 1 of "Wife Swap," the then 40-year-old Dawne Smith confirmed her worst fear: She had been ushered into the home of a perfectionist. "And she's exactly what I was afraid that was going to my house; the perfect woman," an astounded Smith noted. Smith was equally mesmerized by a portrait of Dena Anne Weiner's incredible physique, even quipping about it on the show.

The Weiners were all of that and a little more, and overall not upset by how they were portrayed on "Wife Swap," unlike the Smiths. In a telephone call with Tampa Bay Times, Dena Anne said of appearing on the show, "Anyone who wants to learn about themselves and learn about their family I would highly recommend this to." The family has had their fair share of low times. In 2011, the couple lost their 21-year-old son Brett Weiner. His death was as a result of negligence on the part of the ambulance company (per Jackson & Wilson.)

Years down the line, Dena wrote on her website that she and Keith are "still madly in love and going strong!" She also continues to receive letters from new viewers of the "Wife Swap," who mostly ask for fitness advice.

Kris Gillespie maintains strong family values

In the history of "Wife Swap," never before has such an unpleasant turn been on display. Kris Gillespie was an elite perfectionist who expected nothing short of the best from her family. While her husband brought the bacon home, she ensured everything lay in place perfectly. Kris had some strong beliefs, many of which were amplified when she switched homes with lesbian couple Nicki Boone and Kristine Luffey. She was an excellence-obsessed Republican (still is), while Luffey gravitated toward a more liberal approach politically. The question of Luffey's sexuality became a bone of contention, with Kris terming the show as "immoral" and bashing its production for allowing her daughter to share the same space with a likely "predator."

Speaking to Advocate, Nicki Boone confessed that her experience with Kris wasn't entirely unpleasant. "We both knew how to be civil when it was necessary. There was a dinner party that you don't see, and we all had very pleasant conversations that night ... And I know how to be social. I know how to keep my politics under my hat for a dinner party."

Kris has since disappeared from the world of reality television, but if her Twitter biography is anything to go by, not much has changed in terms of Kris's family values. She's got love for her hometown and white wine — in that order. According to The Netline, the Gillespie family resides in Texas, and are staunch republicans. Kris's daughter, Catherine is a diversity and inclusion consultant (via LinkedIn.)

The Policchios closed on their retirement home

Caprice Policchio and her family were pioneers on the 1st episode of "Wife Swap." She was introduced as a cleaning-obsessed mom who'd spend five hours making sure every bit of her house was spotless. In the Policchio household, the tables were lined with chairs to give an even amount of space. Caprice was so keen on getting everything right, down to bleaching her family's teeth every six months. During the show, she exchanged her serene, orderly home for the rundown home of the Pitts.

Bambi, the Pitts' mom, didn't approve of how she was portrayed on the episode. "The public likes the dirty vs. clean, rich vs poor. That's what people love. So that's all they showed," Bambi told Hartford Courant. In making them fit the desired narrative, Bambi thought that production portrayed animal droppings as a regular occurrence in their home yet it wasn't always the case. "The poop issue is what killed me. Either the animals were retaliating against Caprice, or it was a setup. We had not had a piece of poop in our house the last two years," she insisted.

 Away from Bambi's troubles, from her Facebook, Caprice and Don are still married. In 2015, Don accepted a job offer that saw the couple move to Tennessee. In May 2022, Don announced through Facebook that he and Caprice had just closed on their retirement home.

Audrey Donahoe is a grandmother of four

Following her appearance on the 4th episode of season 1 of "Wife Swap," it was clear that Audrey Donahoe was nothing like her counterpart, Christie Baker. Christie was the quintessential trophy wife whose favorite pastime was doing nothing. She left both the homemaking and financial weight to her husband, Richard. Audrey, on the other hand, was the head of her house, busy taking care of five sons and a daughter. She was a 4th-generation dairy farmer, and her brood lived on their family-run farm in Upstate New York.

"I was never into dresses or dolls. I was daddy's girl, and I was definitely a tomboy," Audrey recollected during her appearance on the show. With the help of her husband, Jeff, Audrey ruled with an iron rod. She believed that there were no gender roles, and her sons had to make a contribution too. Their son, Rick shared an innate passion for all things farming and earned himself a FrogFest 'Thank a Farmer' nomination.

Years later, Audrey Donahoe is still into dairy farming if her Twitter bio is taken into consideration. Not much has changed, except that she is has four grandchildren. That she has "Wife" as part of her title on the platform is an indication that she and Jeff are still doing life together.

Richard Baker adores his wife just as he did back then

Christie Baker's appearance on "Wife Swap" drew mixed reactions from the audience, with some shaming her for the kind of lifestyle she led. In Christie's tiny little world, the then 41-year-old housewife believed that work was overrated. Instead, she spent most of her days getting tanned, having breakfast in bed, and taking bubble baths. According to Philstar Global, that wasn't always the case. Previously, she'd run a boutique and worked in advertising. It so happened that her husband, Richard, enjoyed doing the pampering.

On the show, Christie traded the comfortable lifestyle she'd gotten accustomed to for the Donahoes' dairy farm life. In place of manicures and pedicures came milking and early morning calls. When it was her turn to bring some of her own rules, she forbade the children from working, and nearly brought Jeff Donahoe to tears.

More than a decade has passed since the October 2004 episode featuring Christie and Richard baker. While some things have changed, others seem to stay the same. If Christie's Facebook photo of her and Richard is something to think about, flowers are still a part of family tradition as they were back then. From the way he looks at his wife, Richard seems to be just as smitten as he was years ago. She's having an equally jovial time being a grandma.

The Aguirres relocated to Park City in the winter of 2013

Upon making their television debut in a 2004 episode of "Wife Swap," Cristina and Allan Aguirre had fully embraced the rock-n-roll lifestyle. They preferred an unscheduled way of living. No day was ever the same, with Allan being on the road and bands always visiting their home. Allan wasn't the only musician in the Agguire brood. His children had followed in their father's footsteps.

Of their approach to parenting, Cristina maintained that they were a democracy, or, as the narrator put it, "friends to their kids." As Cristina revealed, "Our parenting style mostly is based upon communication. Along with that communication comes trust." As such, the Agguire children were allowed to have piercings and tattoos. Their show counterparts, Wendy and Bill Ray, had a rather conservative way of living, with the bible at the center of it all.

It's almost two decades since the Aguirres' television stint. Through his website, Allan reveals that he and Cristina are still together, and have been married for over 25 years. Their children are now adults. In 2010, the duo became first-time grandparents. Three years later, they relocated to Park City, Utah, where they minister as co-pastors. Through his Facebook page, Allan updates his audience on the latest happenings.

Mina and Greg Leierwood haven't slowed down on activism

The Leirwoods, who made an appearance on a March 2005 episode of the show, were the enlightened kind. Mina Leierwood, in particular, had dreams of a world without war and was dedicated to using her voice to put up a fight. She worked as a part-time art teacher. At heart, she was an activist who had reservations about the George Bush administration. 

The Leierwoods switched with the Patricks, whose household was as close to soldier-like standards as one could get. Having been in the military herself, Cheri Patrick instilled discipline and respect into her children. Unlike the Leierwoods, she wasn't against war or former president George Bush.

In a YouTube interview conducted by Chelsey Brejanee, Mina revealed that she was still married to Greg and that they got on the show through a cold call. When she was approached by production, it was under the guise of "a documentary about peace families and military families." Only 20 minutes into the call did she learn that it was a reality show. "And I was like, wait, wait, hold on! What are we talking about? This is a reality TV show?" Lucky for the producers, Mina's family bought the idea. Years after their television debut, the spirit of activism hasn't wavered, and her Instagram has enough evidence to prove it.

Ramona and Andre continue to be a creative wonder

Unlike the Yonts who put in hours and $8,000 a year to ensure their daughter Hannah could be a successful beauty queen, the Jan-Turan family had a different kind of creative energy going during their time on "Wife Swap." It was in how Ramona Jan belted out tunes among the trees, knowing she could either scare the animals away or draw them closer. "I walk up the mountain. It's very peaceful," she said.

While beauty was a serious affair amongst the Yonts, in the then 48-year-old Ramona's home, it wasn't a top priority. Makeup was simply non-existent. As parents, Romana and Andre, who was a fitness trainer by profession (still is), allowed their daughter Lucy to experience an imaginative childhood filled with art, music, puppets, organic living, and dancing. This approach included a level of free-thinking, bold enough to let her quit formal school at the age of nine and be homeschooled instead (per RealityWanted.)

Moving on to the present day, Lucy has not only taken over her parents' love for nature but also embraced fitness, a passion which she shares via Instagram She's a health coach and a sound healing meditation facilitator. Ramon and Andre are still a couple. They keep their artistic roots alive through their own band.

The Kings are one big happy family

Amy King and her husband Kevin were one of the most financially conscious couples to have ever set foot on "Wife Swap." When it came to handling money, Amy had a golden rule that towered above them all. "Unless we have the money upfront for something, we will not get it." Kevin, who shared similar beliefs and had (still has) a career as a financial advisor, was obsessed with investments and savings. As an overt penny-pincher, Amy was deeply set in her money-saving ways, going as far as timing shower time to a two-song playlist (via RealityWanted). The silver lining in their miserly way of living was that Kevin, then a 34-year-old, was only working because he wanted to, and could retire at will.

The kings exchanged places with the Reeves from Mississippi, whose matriarch Lori didn't particularly believe in growing up. " I still feel like a child because I am a child," Lori shared. Through her son, Clark Richard, Lori unleashed her inner child. The pair were inseparable, and financial rules didn't really apply. They did everything together, including shopping, swimming, and playing games. Though years have gone by, the mother-son duo hasn't slowed down on the love as shown on his Instagram

The Kings are also one big happy family. On Facebook, their shared love seems to not have withered one bit, as Kevin boldly displays pictures of his family at any given chance.