Alec Baldwin Reveals The Tragic Death Of His Mother

Carol Baldwin, the matriarch of the Baldwin clan, has died. Alec Baldwin revealed the news about the 92-year-old on Instagram on May 26. He posted side-by-side images of his mother depicting her in her youth, alongside a more recent photo. The actor wrote, "Carol M. Baldwin, mother of actors Alec, Daniel, William (Billy) and Stephen Baldwin and two daughters, Elizabeth [Keuchler] and Jane [Sasso], died today in Syracuse, New York."

The actor went on to share a brief biography of her life. Carol married Alexander R. Baldwin Jr. after they met at Syracuse University. She raised their kids, while Alexander worked as a teacher and coach before he died in 1983 at the age of 55. Alec said that when his youngest sibling, Stephen, was in high school, she returned to work doing "marketing research for a firm called Quick Test, operating out of a local shopping mall." On her 90th birthday, Billy revealed that Carol's career was "long before working moms became the norm."

Alec continued, "In 1991, she was diagnosed with breast cancer." His mom not only survived, but launched the Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund, that in partnership with other organizations, has raised millions for the cause. Alec then got personal and shared, "My mother taught me about second acts. And third ones, too. She spent the last 25 years of her life as a fighter and a champion for the cause to which she devoted her life. We are all enormously proud of her accomplishments."

The Baldwin granddaughters pay tribute to Carol M. Baldwin

Carol Baldwin's death has shaken the Baldwin family as a whole. Alec Baldwin was not the only one to post about his mother's death. Stephen Baldwin's daughter, Alaia Baldwin Aronow, shared her admiration for her grandmother on Instagram. She penned, "Today, 5/26/2022 at 5:52pm an angel left us ... grandma Baldwin is and will always be one the strongest, most badass woman I know." She then went on to describe how Carol was still mentally sharp and even shared some reasons she will miss her. Alaia continued, "At 92 she somehow remembered every last detail, down to the minute and second that Iris was born. I'll really miss you and your chocolate chip pancakes." 

Alaia's younger sister, Hailey Baldwin Bieber, paid tribute to Carol by writing, "Today I celebrate her, the life she lived, and the legacy she leaves behind. We love you." Film producer Kahlea Baldwin, Daniel Baldwin's daughter, also wrote a touching post. Her social media entry reflected Carol's personality and verve. She described her grandmother in a short post, writing, "Our Gram, Queen of the Baldwin clan, the wickedly funny original diva, passed away today surrounded by lots of love and lots of tears. She was ... an all around force of nature. Still can't believe it. Love you forever Carol hunnny."

Carol has certainly left a mark on her granddaughters Alaia, Hailey, and Kahlea. And her contributions, both personally and physically, live on forever.