The Sad Reason You Won't See Hailey Bieber On A Runway

Most fans know Hailey Baldwin Bieber for marrying one of the most famous singers in the world, Justin Bieber. But before the two tied the knot and made themselves one of the hottest young couples in Hollywood, Hailey made a name for herself in the modeling industry. Of course, it helps that her father is actor Stephen Baldwin and her cousin, Ireland Baldwin, also happens to be a model in the talented family. In fact, she says that changing her last name was a bit of a struggle. "I come from a great family with a history in this industry, and I remember when I was going to change it, I asked my dad if he was going to be upset, and he was like, 'No! I don't care. We love you. All good, everyone still knows you're a Baldwin.'" she told Bustle in 2019.

But even with her famous family ties, Hailey has proven to be one of the industry's most popular and talked-about models. She's appeared on the cover of plenty of high-profile publications like Vogue Australia and Elle, just to name a few. According to Fashion Gone Rogue, she began her modeling career in 2014, signing with the prestigious Ford Modeling Agency.

With the upsides of modeling and fame come plenty of downsides, like crippling anxiety. "You just have to be honest that life sucks sometimes. It's hard," she once told Glamour. The model is now speaking up about another negative aspect of her career.

Hailey Bieber had a bad runway experience

Hailey Bieber is one of the most popular models today, ranking with the likes of Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid. However, Bieber admitted that you won't see her on a runway anytime soon, and the reason is enough to break your heart. She appears on the cover May issue of Allure, where she discussed some serious issues, including why she decided to stop strutting her stuff on the runway. Instead, she chooses the be a spectator at runway events.

"I had a really bad experience with a casting director who was very important. He said something to my agent that just shook my confidence when it came to the runway," Bieber shared, though she didn't explicitly state what he or she said. "I don't want to feel bad about myself in this space because I feel really good about the other work that I do. So why would I even put myself in a position to feel small?" 

Unfortunately, the Allure confession is not the first time Bieber has talked about feeling low. In 2019, she opened up about her insecurities in a vulnerable Instagram post. "I'm insecure, I'm fragile, I'm hurting, I have fears, I have doubts, I have anxiety, I get sad," she wrote before elaborating more on how she struggles with confidence. Now, the former runway model is pouring all of her energy into a skincare line, and if it's anything like her modeling career, we're sure it will be a hit!