Busy Philipps Reveals Why She Kept Her Separation Private

Busy Philipps has lived a good portion of her life in the limelight. The star has appeared in plenty of movies and television shows, but there's no doubt that her role in "Dawson's Creek" was one of the most famous. It also introduced her to her now-BFF, Michelle Williams. Naturally, as she's enjoyed fame and fortune, her personal life has been a topic of discussion.

According to Showbiz CheatSheet, the star met writer and producer Marc Silverstein shortly after she called it quits with Tom Hanks' son, Colin Hanks. Wild story, right? The Things reported that the couple wed in a surprise ceremony in 2007. Since Silverstein is a writer, he later wrote the couple's wedding vows into the 2014 film "The Vow," starring Rachel McAdams. Despite the sweet love story, the couple has had their ups and downs.

According to E! News, Philipps addressed her rocky marriage in her memoir "This Will Only Hurt a Little," writing she had a "crush" on another dad, which made her question a lot, and she thought about leaving Silverstein. "I told him why, though I left out the part about the other man. He was shocked. But he didn't want to get divorced," she wrote. "He wanted a chance to change. He said I owed our family that." She added that she felt more comfortable writing that in her book rather than sharing it on social media. Now, the star is sharing why she kept her split from Silverstein a secret.

Busy Philipps didn't want to announce her split in the typical Hollywood way

Busy Philipps is spilling the tea on her split with husband, Marc Silverstein. According to People, the "Freaks and Geeks" star and Silverstein separated after being married for 15 years. She chose her podcast, "Busy Philipps is Doing Her Best," to announce the surprising news. She shared that she and Silverstein have been separated since last February, and only friends and family knew.

They weren't keen on sharing the news with the public in a typical way. "The truth is ... there's, like, a conventional idea of what a person in the public eye is supposed to do when their relationship ends, and it's been very well established, right?" she asked, stating that most celeb couples make a statement. Philipps continued, explaining that in her case, she could only do what she felt was right for her family, and in her situation, and she didn't want just to announce like everyone else does. "Marc and I talked about it, and when we first separated, we couldn't even think about putting one of those statements out — it made us sick, both of us, truly ill," she added.

The last photo Philipps shared with her husband on social media came on December 18, 2021. "Nbd. Just 2 parents crying with joy and pride and relief and gratitude and LOVE for the spirit and resilience of their incredible kid," she wrote about their daughter Birdie's role in "With Love."