Dominic Fike Reveals Why He Almost Didn't Get His Euphoria Role

Dominic Fike moved from his native Florida to Los Angeles to make music. The title "actor" never crossed his mind, he told Naples Daily News in February. He succeeded in his first quest. The music he released independently on SoundCloud quickly caught the attention of producers, leading to a 2018 deal with Columbia Records, Underviews reported. Months later, Fike released his first EP, "Don't Forget About Me, Demos," which included the hit "3 Nights." By September 2019, the song had climbed to No. 1 on Billboard's Alternative Songs.

Prospects were looking good for Fike, who released his first album, "What Could Possibly Go Wrong," and collaborated with Paul McCartney in 2020. But another, stranger movement was happening in the background. Shortly before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Fike's manager received a request to have Fike tape himself reading a few scripted lines, he told the Naples Daily News. He did it, but never gave it much thought. "Apparently they saw something and liked it. And they kept having me do more and more," Fike said.

Next thing he knew, Fike was reading lines before HBO's "Euphoria" casting director Jennifer Venditti, he told Variety. He survived several rounds, becoming a finalist in the run ahead of Season 1. But the character didn't make it onto the show. A year later, he was asked to audition for the role of Elliot. However, the way his first audition played out was actually more dramatic than he initially made it out to be.

Dominic Fike failed the first audition because he was on drugs

Dominic Fike was very close to snagging the part of a different character who would've starred in Season 1 of "Euphoria." But he missed his chance. In his quest to really get into character, Fike took shrooms before heading to his final chemistry read with Barbie Ferreira, but the hallucinogen had the opposite effect on his acting. "I started peaking right when me and Barbie were reading," he told GQ in a May 31 profile.

Instead of focusing on his co-star, Fike's mind went to what showrunner Sam Levinson was wearing, or rather, not wearing. "I looked at him and I was like, 'Are you wearing a dress right now?' It was crazy. I started making fun of everybody in the room," he detailed. The opportunity to join the cast ended right then and there. His agent relayed what producers told him on the phone. "They were like, 'What. The. F**k.'"

Fike is sober now, a feat he credits his recent career boost to. In early 2021, Fike stopped taking drugs and alcohol, a decision that helped his focus. "I can make full songs now, and I don't hate them ... I'm so proud of how far my music has come," he told GQ in April 2021. Sobriety has also led to a whole lifestyle change that has put Fike back in control of his health — both physical and mental. "I eat right; I drink water. Meditation helps me."

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