LeBron James Seemingly Shades Chatter He Cheated With RHOA's Drew Sidora

On an episode of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," Drew Sidora hinted that she had a past romantic fling with LeBron James. This dishy gossip came up when the castmates were chatting about various famous men who have made passes at them. "I was on Melrose and we were at a restaurant and a certain king of the NBA sent me over a drink," the "'Til The Dawn" singer said — James is famously nicknamed "King" James (via Page Six). Other cast members pointed out that the NBA legend is married to Savannah James, but Sidora insisted it was before he tied the knot. "We went on a couple of dates, he flew me to his games," the reality star said. "He would listen to my music before his games. All those games he was winning, it was off of my music!"

That was not the first time Sidora had mentioned a relationship with James. Back in 2003, the singer was rumored to be romantically-linked to the then-young NBA star. During an interview with the Chicago Tribune the "For the Love" singer was asked about their status. "I don't really like to talk about my personal life," Sidora replied. "I'll just say that he's my boy. We're really good friends." 

After the "RHOH" episode aired, online chatter started with fans alleging that the Los Angeles Lakers forward had been unfaithful. Days later, James made a social media post that several fans believed was a response to the cheating allegations.

Fans weigh-in on LeBron James's gushy post

LeBron James gushed over his wife Savannah James in an Instagram post on June 4. The 10-photo post opened with a snap of Savannah sitting on her husband's lap, and ended with a throwback picture of the two as teenagers. He praised his wife as his "Queen" in the lengthy caption. "With all the BS that comes into our lives throughout the years and on the daily you've never waved, fluttered or allow yourself to simply not be strong," James wrote. "This is my appreciation post to you my Queen because I'm simply letting you and the world know I ain't s*** without you!" he added.

Some believed the heartfelt post was simply a form of smokescreen to deflect tension in the marriage. "Sound like something came to the light and this is your clean up," one Instagram user replied. "They definitely got into a fight," another added. Meanwhile, less cynical fans believed the post was simply a thoughtful gesture to share a career milestone. "LeBron James became a billionaire and immediately thanked his queen and people assumed he cheated," one fan tweeted. "Right after becoming a billionaire he thanks his wife," an Instagram user commented.

In a rare interview where Savannah spoke about her marriage, she said that the NBA superstar did much more than simply write heartfelt Instagram posts. "He is truly a king to his queen, if you will," she told Cleveland Magazine in 2018 while gushing over LeBron.