The Truth About Drew Sidora From The Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Drew Sidora is one of two newcomers to The Real Housewives of Atlanta's Season 13, making her debut in the second episode of the season. She was introduced as a friend of Cynthia Bailey, who Drew called a "goddess" in a December 2020 interview with E! News. "I just remember thinking like, 'Man, she is so sweet and genuine and down to earth.' And I think we just clicked naturally from the first time meeting," Drew gushed about Cynthia.

The Dec. 13, 2020 episode of RHOA showed Drew and her husband, Ralph Pittman Jr., bickering about a previous argument after which Ralph disappeared for three days. This is just the beginning of the marital tensions that viewers will see this season between the couple. "With everything we've gone through, I thought it would be wonderful to share our journey to be better," Drew told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in December 2020 about her marriage issues playing out on national television. "We make mistakes. We show the good, the bad and the ugly. I am just trying to be my authentic self," she added.

As viewers become acquainted with Drew's "authentic self," there are a few background details about the actress to know. Keep reading to uncover the truth about Drew Sidora from The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Drew Sidora is a woman who wears many hats

Drew Sidora hails from Chicago and is an actress and producer with a long resume of gigs, according to her IMDB page. Many may recognize her from her recurring role as Chantel in the hit Disney series That's So Raven, but she carries more than 20 feature film credits, with parts in movies such as White Chicks, The Game, and Step Up.

Aside from being a hustling entertainment mogul, Drew is the mother of three kids, who as of this writing, are all under 10 years of age, per the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. She shares a boy and a girl with husband Ralph Pittman and has another son from a previous relationship. Drew often shows her adoration for her children through sweet posts on social media. In one instance, Drew called her daughter, Aniya Grace, her "mini me," and gushed that Aniya warms her heart.

If being a working mother wasn't enough, the actress can also add "philanthropist" to her list of many titles. Drew founded Dream Makers in 2013, which she says "teaches and assist[s] young inner city kids to discover their passions, dreams and gifts" (via Ultimate Spotlight Magazine). She has also supported Walk MS, Love Is Not Abuse, and The Sickle Cell Disease Association.

Although Drew seems to be a busy, multi-tasking mama, she had The Real Housewives of Atlanta in her sight for quite some time.

Drew Sidora was supposed to join RHOA years ago

Drew Sidora told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that she was first scheduled to appear on The Real Housewives of Atlanta in 2015, but the timing did not work out. "I was supposed to meet with Kandi (Burruss)," she explained, adding that she was pregnant and her water broke early, canceling her plans. "I ended up hospitalized for five weeks. I wasn't going anywhere. The timing wasn't right."

Now, Drew is ecstatic that the stars aligned for her to officially appear on the popular reality show. "Bravo is amazing at what they do," she said. "They know how to keep the viewers engaged. And now that I'm seeing it from the inside, I'm excited to be part of the family. It's been a joy and a roller-coaster ride."

She also noted that she feels at home in Atlanta, which is also a short trip from some of her husband's relatives, who live in South Carolina. "It all worked out," she noted. While she is deeply enjoying her time in Atlanta, Drew said the transition hasn't happened perfectly.

Drew Sidora couldn't avoid the RHOA drama

Part of the allure of The Real Housewives for fans is the juicy gossip and drama that unfolds during the show, and Drew Sidora told E! News that she definitely got a taste of it. "I will definitely say tune in and watch because unexpectedly the drama unfolded but [unbeknownst] to me," she teased. "I am really someone who loves to have fun, I love to let my hair down, especially having three kids... I was trying to make friends. I'm new to Atlanta. And that definitely didn't go all as planned," she confirmed.

Luckily for her, Drew can still say she has made wonderful friends on the show, even through all the inevitable drama. Since her move to Atlanta, she became close with both Marlo Hampton and Porsha Williams. In her E! News interview, Drew called Marlo a "genuine, humble person," and noted that her daughter plays with Porsha's daughter on the regular.

Although her journey to RHOA wasn't easy, it seems like Drew is quickly making herself at home in her new city and on her new show.