Megan Fox Is Opening Up About The Romantic Side Of Her Relationship With MGK

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox are seemingly ready to take the next step in their relationship. The couple got engaged on January 11 — Fox shared a video of the momentous occasion on her Instagram. Now, it looks as if they're in the "final stages" of planning their nuptials. Of course, the wedding will stay true to their signature punk rock vibe. 

According to Entertainment Tonight, a source shares, "They want a dark, sexy, very punk rock, and glam celebration. They're planning things together as one ... and looking forward to what the future brings and spending their lives together." The insider also told the outlet that their nuptials would reflect their romance, explaining, "Their relationship is very intense, dark, romantic, and sexy, and that's how they want their wedding celebration to be." 

As fans recall, the two were spotted having lunch at Nobu in Malibu in June, per the Daily Mail. Fox showed off her abs in a crop top while MGK sported bright pink tresses. The loved-up couple looked cozy as they exited the establishment, and held hands. It's little wonder why MGK called Fox "his wife" when he performed at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards, per CNN. He also dedicated the song "Twin Flame" to their "unborn child" sparking rumors about a possible pregnancy. Now, Fox has revealed more about her relationship with the artist.

Megan Fox reveals softer side of Machine Gun Kelly

Megan Fox spoke to E! News and revealed some juicy tidbits about her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly, whose real name is Colson Baker. She shared that in the two years that they have been together, they have made a lot of memories. Fox thinks that the rocker is romantic and thoughtful. She notes, "He's just a very romantic boy, so I have a lot of stories. But obviously, the work that he put into designing my ring, and what he said." 

In fact, Fox spoke to the wedding ring designer about her engagement ring and discovered how much effort went into the band. "I met with the designer and the designer spoke back to me what he had told him, why he wanted this ring to be the way that it was," she said. "The way he described me was very poetic, very romantic, and very sweet. He's very thoughtful."

MGK has another standout quality that she admires. She revealed, "He listens to every word I say and he remembers every word I've ever said, so he'll get me Christmas gifts from something I mentioned the first week that I met him [because] that memory never left him ... I think one of the most romantic things anybody can do for you is to just listen." The rapper-turned-actor apparently knows the value of appreciating their conversations, and referencing them at appropriate moments.