The Real Reason Logan Paul And Corinna Kopf Broke Up

The following article includes mentions of suicide. 

Fans of Logan Paul know that the YouTube star has had quite the dating history over the years, having been linked to a slew of famous ladies like actor Chloe Bennet, model Josie Canseco, and podcast host Alex Cooper. It also helps that unlike a lot of other celebrities, Paul has always been very open about his romantic relationships, usually through his vlogs or on his podcast, "Impaulsive." You could argue, though, that it was his ex, Corinna Kopf, that gave Paul some of his best content in terms of romances. 

While she and Paul never seemed to make things completely official, their 2019 romance did get a lot of people's attention. For those unfamiliar with Kopf, she, like Paul, is a YouTuber and social media influencer, but rose to fame in the gaming world thanks to her work with Facebook and Twitch. These days, Kopf is probably best known for her popular OnlyFans account. With both Paul and Kopf partly counting on their interesting personal lives to make them money, it should come as no surprise the former couple didn't hold back when telling fans about their affair. They not only shared intimate details about their steamy hookups, but also let others in on their drama and breakup that followed. 

Yet, the reason why they actually broke up still somehow remains pretty unclear, especially since they've since remained on good terms. So, let's dive into their juicy relationship and find out the real reason behind Logan Paul and Corinna Kopf's split.

Corinna Kopf disliked Logan Paul at first

It apparently wasn't love at first sight for Corinna Kopf and Logan Paul, considering that Kopf had publicly expressed her disgust for the vlogger a year before they got together. At the time in 2018, Paul was under fire for posting a controversial YouTube video, which showed the body of a man who had died by suicide in Japan's Aokigahara Forest. Paul later apologized in another video, admitting, "I've made a severe and continuous lapse in my judgment." But the damage was done, with many left understandably upset and offended.

The original video had apparently hit too close to home for Kopf, in particular. She took to Twitter to post, "i'm truly sickened by this logan paul situation... my brother took his own life by hanging himself... how insensitive and sick can you be to film someone in that state." Kopf later opened up in her own YouTube video about how that loss impacted her struggle with anxiety, saying, "[It] was super, super hard for me, obviously, losing a loved one. ... I couldn't get my head around why someone wanted to take their life, which obviously made it worse."

While Kopf was clearly hurt by Paul's actions, she revealed on his "Impaulsive" podcast in 2021 that they were able to work it out after they met up in person in early 2019. "I was really, really, really upset about that situation and when we met, we talked about it for like four hours," she recalled, adding that afterward, "I was like ... 'I forgive him for everything.'"

If you or anyone you know is having suicidal thoughts, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline​ at​ 1-800-273-TALK (8255)​.

Why Logan Paul regrets their basketball date

When it comes to how Corinna Kopf and Logan Paul got together, Kopf technically made the first move, considering she slid into Paul's DMs on Twitter. However, during her appearance on the "Impaulsive" podcast, she revealed that had only done so because Paul had pronounced her name wrong when talking about her on the show. That online convo led to their abovementioned in-person convo. "We met up in like the middle of the night," Kopf dished, and they clearly hit it off, because she added, "Ever since then, we've had a really great relationship."

While the twosome alluded that they then continued to hang out, it was one date at a January 2019 basketball game that got them the most media attention. Per Metro, they weren't only photographed wearing matching bright yellow sweatshirts, but they also appeared to be super cuddly in the stands, seemingly confirming that they were together. Interestingly, just a month before, Kopf had denied she was dating Paul when rumors of them flirting through subtweets surfaced. "why does everyone jump to conclusions so fast?" she tweeted. "again, i'm single as f**k."

For his part, Paul later expressed regrets for this high-profile date on his podcast, admitting in a July 2021 episode, "I wish I didn't go to the basketball game with Corinna." With a laugh, he explained why: "That pic is ridiculous, why are both in f**king bright yellow at a basketball game looking so uncomfortable?" He's not exactly wrong, either, in that neither he nor Kopf appeared too happy to be there.

Corinna Kopf revealed that he refused to get tested

Fans may be well aware of what Corinna Kopf has referred to as her supposed "sex god" reputation, but it turns out that she and Logan Paul waited an entire year before sleeping together. As the Twitch gamer explained on the "Impaulsive" podcast, she believes that this, along with her insistence on Paul getting an STD test first, are in part what ultimately led to their relationship's demise. While that seems to be a fair ask, Paul refused, admitting, "I said, 'I just got a test, and I'm not going a second time just to have sex with you.'"

Kopf went on to discuss how it's not only important for her to be safe, but that she's also extremely hygienic about sex — which may stem from her anxiety surrounding diseases. She even once admitted of her hypochondriac tendencies during a conversation with YouTuber Brandon Calvillo, "I spent a week 100 percent convinced that I either had lymphoma or ... leukemia." Perhaps unsurprisingly, then, she went on to reveal on her ex's podcast that she chooses her partners carefully and often gets tested herself, saying, "It really does bother me people think I'm this f**king sex god in LA."

Kopf wasn't the only person to question Paul's safe sex practices, though. Per SKPop, his own brother, Jake Paul, called him out on an August 2021 podcast episode, leading Logan to later clear the air, stating, "I just got an STD test because my brother made me think I was a dirty little s**t, and I'm a clean, large angel."

Logan Paul thought she complained 'a lot'

While Corinna Kopf blamed her split with Logan Paul on their lack of intimacy, he has suggested it may have actually been due to an apparent personality trait of hers he noticed when they first started hanging out. Prefacing to Kopf during her "Impaulsive" podcast appearance that he once called her out on this, he stated, "And you mentioned at the beginning of the podcast, you sometimes complain, like, a lot."

Although Kopf didn't seem too pleased with this critique (Hey, can you blame her?), it's perhaps not a totally far-stretched one, given that — as Paul went on to mention — her Instagram and Twitter handles are "pouty girl," as is the name of her clothing line. One could even argue Kopf has made a successful career out of this supposed persona, which has gotten her millions of followers across her social media platforms and an extremely lucrative Only Fans account. She also claimed with a laugh earlier in the episode, when discussing the appearance of her smile and her various attempts at using Invisalign, "There's always something wrong ... always something to fix."

To be fair, however, Paul himself has admitted to having very high standards when it comes to girlfriends. He even listed what he feels are must-have qualities in a partner to The Times: "Wit. Confidence. Intelligence. Opinionated. Empathetic. Self-aware. Active listener. Sexual deviant. Talented. Worldly. Foresight. Insightful. Attractive. Curious. And ... not a f**king lunatic." But as the pro boxer added, "I'm starting to think this list is unrealistic."

He made some 'disrespectful' comments about her

Logan Paul and Corinna Kopf's relationship timeline is admittedly a bit hazy. While they first got together in January 2019 and didn't hook up until a year later, they initially ended what seems to have been an on-and-off romance in February 2019. Shortly after, Paul made headlines for not mincing words over the breakup, which briefly left the two on bad terms.

"Use the word 'relationship' lightly," he began on "Impaulsive," during a discussion with pals that implied he wasn't as into the relationship as Kopf was. He also claimed, "She's a grown-a** woman. She can do whatever the f**k she wants. Go bust down, get your clout, run through the YouTubers. Do you." If you're wondering why Paul seemed salty, these comments stemmed from Kopf writing in a since-deleted tweet to British YouTuber KSI — with whom Paul has famously feuded — on Valentine's Day that she was in London alongside a heart emoji. Oddly, Paul liked the tweet at the time. Seemingly hurt by these public accusations about her love life, Kopf appeared to call Paul out on Twitter: "Damn some men are so disrespectful in the way they talk to women... your mother would be so proud."

By the time Kopf appeared on Paul's podcast in 2021, they seemed to have worked things out. Playing along with Paul, who'd continued to make some arguably questionable statements about Kopf's sexuality since their split, she joked about Logan's own bedroom skills — perhaps giving the podcaster a little taste of his own medicine.

Corinna Kopf moved on quickly

Around the same time Logan Paul and Corinna Kopf first got together in early 2019, the gamer was also rumored to be dating fellow streamer Turner "Tfue" Tenney. However, Kopf and Tenney didn't appear to make things official until March of that year, when they posted now-deleted photos together, as captured by Looper. By May 2019, the couple also did a lovey-dovey Facebook Q&A, where Tenney shared that they had connected at a "Fortnight" tournament afterparty after Kopf slid into his Twitter DMs.

These two did appear to have their relationship problems, though, with the West Coast-based Kopf even seemingly hinting at one to fans during a joint livestream that June with her then-boyfriend, who resided in Florida. "All I know is that I go and visit you way more and you just don't put in effort anymore," she dished on the long-distance aspect of their romance (via, going on to quip, "I wanna take a break." At the time, Kopf was just messing with her beau — but was there some truth to the statement? "We dated for almost a year. He only came to LA three times. And I was in Florida for weeks on end," she revealed on Mike Majlak's "The Night Shift" in February 2020. "... He never wants to move to LA. I don't think I ever want to be in Tampa, Florida."

By April 2022, Kopf revealed that she was single on Twitter. But she was apparently looking for love, having previously captioned a January 2022 Instagram post with, "someone wife me up already."

Logan Paul has also dated around

Corinna Kopf wasn't the only one to quickly move on, however. By the spring of 2020, Logan Paul confirmed that he was dating model Josie Canseco, telling ET, "It's f**king serious." Without naming names, the vlogger also seemingly shared insight into his split from Kopf: "Full transparency, if you're a woman and you get tied up in my life, your life will never be the same. It's a whirlwind, so I'm hesitant to involve the person I'm spending my time with as much as I do everything else, for the sake of them and their life ... because I didn't realize with my last relationship, it had serious repercussions with this girl."

Unfortunately, Paul's high-profile romance with Canseco didn't last long, either. "It was a special time for both of our lives," he stated on the "Impaulsive" podcast that November. "It just didn't end up working out." Later that year, Paul reportedly hooked up with "Call Her Daddy" podcaster Alex Cooper, who dished on the "BFFs" podcast, "We weren't gonna tell anyone ... and Logan Paul is really bad at keeping a secret."

From there, Paul was then linked to TikTok star Charly Jordan after she attended his boxing match in the spring of 2021, and he was later seen hanging out with singer Olivia O'Brien that fall.

Are Logan Paul and Corinna Kopf better off as friends?

Although Logan Paul and Corinna Kopf didn't make it as a couple, these two have made their way back to being friends, if the gamer's 2021 appearance on the "Impaulsive" podcast is anything to go by. In addition to reminiscing about the ups and downs of dating, Paul also complimented his ex at the time, telling her, "You're possibly the greatest guest we've ever had." 

Luckily, this seems to be a running theme for both stars — Kopf even made a YouTube vlog in 2018 while hanging out with ex and fellow vlogger Toddy Smith, aptly title, "we broke up, but we're still friends." Meanwhile, Paul opened up about remaining pals with ex-girlfriend and actor Chloe Bennet, gushing to ET two years after their 2018 split, "That girl changed my life. ... We are on good terms ... and we both just appreciate each other."

As for Paul and Kopf's short-lived romance, it apparently was just never meant to be — but at least it eventually led to some positive and entertaining content. "It's been a messy road for us," Paul admitted on "Impaulsive." To which Kopf pointed out, "But other than that, we've just been good friends for the past couple years." The duo then shook on it, as all amicable exes do.