The Tragic Death Of General Hospital Star Jack Wagner's Son

"General Hospital" fans have been left reeling in the wake of the devastating news that the son of show stars and former couple, Jack and Kristina Wagner, has died.

News first broke when the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner confirmed that Harrison Wagner had passed away on June 6. Given that Jack has previously spoken of his son's use of drugs and alcohol, tweeting in 2016, "I fear for my youngest sons safety ... he's relapsed & is MIA 5days," many have questioned if his passing is linked to substance use. However, at the time of writing, a cause of death had yet to be established, and the matter is still under investigation. What we do know, however, is that he was found in a parking lot. Born December 1, 1994, he was just 27-years-old at the time of his death.

Harrison is survived by his parents, "General Hospital" stars Jack and Kristina, as well as his actor brother, Peter Wagner. He is also survived by his elder half-sister, Kerry Wagner, who was reunited with their father just over a decade ago, after her biological mother had put her up for adoption more than 20 years prior.

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A glimpse at Harrison's final days

Following Harrison Wagner's heartbreaking death, hundreds have shared their condolences to the family on his Instagram. While there, many may have been heartened to know that in his final days, he had a chance to bid farewell to a place incredibly special to him.

One of Harrison's final posts was a photo dump of the family's recently sold ranch. His mother Kristina Wagner had also shared a tribute to the ranch on her own Instagram, alongside a picture of herself with her sons at the farm, writing, "A bittersweet farewell to the place we called Wagner Ranch for 25 years ... Oh ranch, it's time to part. We'll miss you so much with our heartwarming memories. We know that there are many opportunities for joy ahead." Peter Wagner, likewise, posted a picture of himself posing with his brother, captioned simply, "The ranch."

At the time of this writing, the Wagner family hasn't issued a statement on the tragic loss of their son and brother. However, the family appeared to have always been tight-knit. In April, Kristina shared a boomerang of herself with Harrison, captioned, "Can't go wrong with a Sonday on a Sunday." In March, Harrison posted a picture of himself with father Jack Wagner, with the words, "Like father like son." We may not have clear details on Harrison's death yet, but we do know that he appeared to be exceptionally loved by those close to him.